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New Bra Fit Information on!

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we think it’s important that women know about finding the proper bra fit and bra sizing. With 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size, wearing an ill-fitting bra is all too common. Unfortunately, it can cause a range of problems from discomfort to medical issues, so it’s important to us that women know how to properly fit a bra. Women shop here from all over the country who aren’t able to make it into our boutique for a fitting, so we wanted to share more fit information to help women everywhere make better-informed decisions and buy the right bra size!

Updates to Our Bra Fitting Page
We’ve revamped our bra fit page to contain a ton of information to help you make better decisions about buying a bra, and to help find the right bra for you. Our Bra Fit page now contains more information than ever, including:

Bra Fit Information that Really Works!
Personally speaking, I got more info about bra fit in my hour with Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe than I did in all of my years of wearing a bra and writing about bras and bra fit. You can read things on the Internet all day long, but seeing is believing and my experience with Freddy crystalized all of the things I’d been reading and thought I “knew” about bra fit.

It turns out, I knew most of the right things but was still doing things wrong. After my session with Freddy, I know what I need to know about bra fit and how to find the right bra for me – and I’ve seen it in action. I’m working on replacing all the bras in my wardrobe, and wearing the right fit makes such a difference in comfort and the way my clothes fit.

This isn’t bra information you’ll just read on the Internet. If you actually follow the fit instructions and directions, you’ll find that this bra fit information really works! I know it, because I went through it and it changed my wardrobe. Are you ready to look and feel better, too? Then check out our fit information and see if you, too, aren’t wearing the wrong bra size. Remember: four out of every five women are wearing the wrong bra size. Are you?

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