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New Bikini Styles and Trends for This Summer

Designers have made some great choices in this year’s swim season trends. Women this year can enjoy some great new style options that straddle the line between sexy and supportive, and new looks offer a more girly style or a sleek, sophisticated, polished you. Whether you’re looking for girly or glamorous, this year’s summer swimsuit trends offer you some great options. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got swimsuits for every body type; from average to big-busted, from petite to full-figured swimsuit choices.

Add a Few Ruffles to Girly it Up
From swimsuits to cover-ups, ruffles are IN this season – and that’s good news, ladies. In addition to providing some girly flair, ruffles are great to lead the eye where you want it to go. Ruffles can go anywhere, and they can either draw attention or divert attention from where you want it. Ruffles along the hips, for example, can create a curvier look – great if you’ve got a boyish figure. Ruffles on a bikini top can help women with smaller chests appear bustier, or highlight the neckline of a swimsuit. Ruffles all over the front can minimize a tummy. In short: ruffles are a girl’s new best friend.

Check out these ruffles from the Freya Flamingo collection. Small or not, they offer great accent detailing and really lend a girly look to your bikini this year.











Shimmer in Metallics This Summer
If you want to add a bit of glamour to your summer swimsuit collection, be prepared to shimmer in metallics. The Freya Sahara collection is a great example of the metallic look that’s beginning to surface in this summer’s swimwear. Sleek and sophisticate, these rich materials speak for themselves. With the right skin tone, a metallic bikini can evoke images of a sun-bronzed goddess.

For a slightly more understated look, consider metallics as a highlight feature for detailing on your swimsuit. The Freya Magic collection is a great example, with the silver metallics adding eye-catching detailing to these classic black swimsuits. Whether you’re looking for a bit of glamour or a full-scale glamour assault, metallics offer some great options for this summer’s swimwear.











Two-Piece Tankini Swimsuits for Big-Busted or Fuller-Figured Women
Some women love a bikini, but want more support or are sensitive about problem areas in the tummy region. If this sounds like you, consider a tankini for the summer. Tankinis still offer you great two-piece mix-and-match options and some great style choices. However, the fuller coverage is wonderful for big-busted women who want extra support, or women who are sensitive about their stomachs and don’t want to show it all. Some of our great tankinis still enable you to show a bit of skin without letting too much hang out.

Not sure what look you want to go for when selecting this summer’s swimwear? Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re happy to help you out. Browse our complete swimwear collection to find just the right look for you, or feel free to contact us if you have any sizing or shopping questions! We want to help you look great this summer!

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