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New Bikini Styles and Trends for This Summer

Many of the new swimsuit styles and trends we’ve looked at in the past couple of weeks lend themselves perfectly to the bikinis of the 2011 swim season! Whether you want an updated look, have changed sizes or just enjoy new clothes, we’ve got some great bikini options for your upcoming swim season here at Big Girls’ Bras. What’s new and exciting in the bikini world? Here are just a few of the pieces that catch the eye sporting this swim season’s newest trends and styles.

Bold Patterns and Prints for This Season’s Bikinis
Bold patterns and prints are in for this season’s swimwear, and the new bikinis from our top swimwear designers certainly embody this trend.

These collections feature big, bold, eye-catching prints and patterns. Polka dots are a classic, but Fantasie takes a fun, feminine twist on them with the Ibizia collection from Fantasie. If you’re not a polka dot fan, consider something more like the Sorrento collection – a feminine paisley print in a beautiful gray with tones of orange and cream. This timeless classic is a great way to bring prints to your bikini wardrobe for this year’s swim season.











Patterns are in, too. Women who prefer an elegant, sophisticated look can wear the big, bold basket pattern of the Buenos Aires collection from Fantasie with style. If you prefer something a little more colorful, consider something like the Fantasie La Paz Swimwear Top Triangle. This is an African-inspired design that combines earthy tones with highlights of aqua. Still a great pattern option but a bit less catwalk and more world-traveler than the Buenos Aires pattern.










Hardware Detailing can Elevate Your Bikini
Hardware detailing is in for this year’s swim season, too. The right swimsuit with subtle or flattering hardware can really draw attention to key assets, or make you look stylish and sexy in your new bikini. For a subtle look, consider bikinis that feature hardware detailing in the straps, like this Freya Magic Underwire Balcony Bikini Top, or the Tara Grinna Fragile Bra Sized Underwire Swimsuit Bikini Top.










If you want a look that highlights the hardware front-and-center and draws attention to your bust, consider something more like the Freya Sahara Underwire Padded Plunge Bikini Top, or the Tara Grinna Fragile Bandeau with Wide Set Straps Bikini Top. These bikini tops feature the hardware between your breasts in a look that draws the eye and highlights your bust.










Don’t forget about the bottoms, though – many of our top designers include bikini bottoms that also feature this hardware detailing. Take a look at the Fantasie Montreal Swimwear Bottom Classic Brief, which features classic black with a subtle print and a delicate hardware buckle. Or maybe you prefer something more like the Freya Sahara Swimwear Bottom Brazilian, which features the hardware on the sides, leaving uninterrupted lines on the front of your bikini bottom.










Whatever your style, we’ve got the perfect new bikini to get you ready for the upcoming swim season. Browse our entire swimwear collection to find your new stylish, trendy bikini for this summer!

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