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Need Ideas for Your Tropical Winter Vacation?

Are you sick of winter yet? Tons of people around the country take winter vacations to tropical paradise to get away from the cold weather, snow, sleet and general malaise that comes with winter. I’ve had the incredible good fortune to do a lot of traveling, and I’ve definitely got some favorite tropical winter destinations to recommend! If you’re thinking of taking a tropical vacation this year, or want to start planning for next year, here are some great spots to consider:

Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world, and it’s a great spot for a tropical winter vacation! Don’t let the media hype scare you; Mexico is one of the safest places in the world for tourists, and it boasts beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, cool ruins and cheap cheap prices! (Not to mention some of the tastiest food in the world!) Riveria Maya is a great destination, full of great towns and villages boasting everything from hostels to all-inclusive resorts!

The Caribbean
Tropical white sand beaches and crystal blue water? Yes, please! There’s a good reason that the Caribbean is one of the most frequently chosen tropical winter destinations. Prices are a little higher here, but you’ll love the luxury and relaxation you feel lounging on one of these beautiful beaches in a fantastic resort, or with your own little cabana!

Looking for the joy of tropical destinations but don’t want to worry about a passport? Hawaii is a great winter destination if you want warm weather and fabulous beaches, but don’t want to deal with language barriers and international travel. All of the islands of Hawaii make great winter vacation destinations, but if you’re traveling with family, you can’t go wrong with Maui. Maui is also one of the top spots for destination weddings and honeymoons – you know it’s a great place if it’s where newlyweds choose to spend their time!

Cusco, Peru
If you want something a little more outside the box, consider something like Cusco, Peru. Cusco isn’t too alien, because there’s a ton of tourism infrastructure. In fact, it’s one of the few areas of Peru where you’re likely to find plenty of people who speak English. But Peru is also different enough that you can enjoy the quaint customs and the cultural differences, and you’ve got a ton of things to do to keep you busy, from Machu Picchu (a truly glorious site not to be missed!) to local day trips, festivals – and of course, shopping!

Domestic Bliss
Hate long plane flights? There’s always great domestic options! Consider a winter vacation to Florida, or maybe sunny SoCal. These vacations tend to be lower in price, and you can get there in a few hours by plane.

Don’t Forget a New Swimsuit
Believe it or not, our swim season starts in January, as women look for new swimsuits for tropical winter vacations, or for the upcoming swim season. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a new swimsuit for your warm-weather winter trip! (And really, where else can you find a great swimsuit in the middle of February – let alone a swimsuit for women with full busts?) Start your vacation daydreaming with a hot new swimsuit!

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