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NASA Reports Heat Waves are on the Rise

Does it feel like it’s been hotter in the past few years? NASA says that’s because it is. A NASA climatologist led a study that analyzed over 60 years of global temperature data, and found an increasing number of warm-weather summer temperature anomalies. This NASA team points at Global Warming as the cause; the 2010 heat wave in Moscow, the 2011 heat wave in Oklahoma, Texas and northern Mexico, and this year’s heat wave in the Midwest are cited as evidence that heat waves are becoming more commonplace and more severe. Whether you agree with NASA’s conclusion or not, it’s true that the Midwest is currently experiencing some of the hottest temperatures in recent memory. If you’re in one of these areas, how can you beat the heat?

Stay Out of the Sun When It’s Hottest
If you live in a part of the country that’s experiencing triple-digit heat, try to plan your schedule so that you can stay out of the sun when it’s hottest. Limit outdoor activities between the hours of 12:00PM and 4:00PM (the exact hours may vary depending on where you are) – try to plan your outdoor fun for early morning or late in the day when it’s cooler. If you do have to go outside, look for shade when possible to minimize sun exposure.

Dress for the Heat
Light, loose-fitting clothing is best in hot weather. Cotton and natural fibers tend to breathe well; avoid synthetics unless they’re specifically made to breathe and offer moisture-wicking. Light colors are best because they reflect the sun instead of absorbing its heat. Some of our sports bras are great options if you have to be out and about when it’s hot outside.

Wear Footwear that Breathes
Believe it or not, your feet can produce and retain a lot of heat! Wear footwear that breathes to help regulate your body temperature. Sandals and sport sandals are great choices for hot weather footwear.

Eat the Right Foods to Stay Cool
Salads, vegetables, fruit and fresh raw food are the best food choices when it’s hot outside. Foods that are protein-heavy can increase metabolic heat production, which can add to a loss of water.

Find a Pool or Body of Water for Swimming
Have a pool party; get together at the local lake or swimming hole, or even throw water balloons at each other to help stay cool. Swimming is a great way to help regulate your body temperature and beat the heat wave. But keep in mind if you’re swimming, it’s best to do it in a shade-covered area; add a shade cover to your pool, or look for a lake or river with natural tree shade to get the most from your swimming outing. Need a great swimsuit for your late summer swimming? We’ve got some great options for you.

Most importantly, stay hydrated and wear good sunscreen. Your body needs water to replace what you loose when you sweat, and you need your skin to stay healthy to help dissipate heat. Not only can sunburn cause pain and discomfort, but it can actually prevent your body’s natural ability to shed heat through your skin! Take good care of yourself – and have fun – while you’re fighting this year’s massive heat wave.

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