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My Bra Fitting with Eveden Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe

Normally these blog posts are a bit more formal and article-oriented, but I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Eveden Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe, and I had what I’d call an eye-opening experience. We discussed bra fit and the most common fit problems that women have. Even knowing what I know about fit and sizing, my fit session changed the way I look at bras and bra fit, and I wanted to share that experience and that information with you.

My Previous Bra Fittings and Size
My bra fitting with Frederika wasn’t the first bra fitting I’ve had. I was fitted five years ago at a national chain store, and fitted again at a local boutique four years ago. Those fit sessions did change my bra size, and I thought I understood the principals of fit and how to shop for the right bra. For the past few years, I’ve been wearing a 42d or 44D bra, depending on the style.

My Bra Fitting with Frederika Zappe
We started by examining the bra I was wearing. When I arrived at the fitting, I was wearing a seamless plunge-cut bra in a 42d with what was probably a quarter-inch center gore, similar to the Empriente Thalia Very Very Plunge Bra. It was tacking properly, but only because the center gore was non-existent. The underwire was a bit low under my breasts and I knew the entire bra was a bit saggy. I figured it might be slightly off in the cup size and band size combination, but I didn’t think it would make a lot of difference.

Then Freddy fitted me into a 36F. Instantly, it made a huge difference in the feel of the bra and the way I looked.

Suddenly the body of the bra was supporting my bust – not the bra straps. The band was squarely positioned below my shoulder blades, in contrast to the bra I’d worn into the fitting, which would occasionally stretch up my back and I’d have to pull it down again. The underwire was flush against my skin directly under my breasts – not hanging away from my body and not hanging down below my bust. My bust wasn’t hanging precariously from my bra straps – it was being supported by the bra itself.

Ultimately, the 36F was a bit tight across the band. We next tried a 38E, which fitted beautifully. My bust was high and perky, unlike the slight sag I’d grown accustomed to in my old bra.

Bra Fit Changes the Way You Look
It also changed the way my clothes hung on my body. I’m a fuller-figured woman – I carry much of my weight in my stomach, and have gotten used to having a bit of a bulge under my shirts with my old bras. In the correct bra size, though, my bust was firmly supported and my shirt hung away from my body – not hugging everything in the most unflattering way. In short, with the right bra size, my clothes fit like I was 10 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. It really amazed me, even though I knew in theory how a bra was supposed to fit.

Discovering Fit Challenges can Help You Find the Perfect Bra
Over the next hour, we tried a range of bra styles and sizes. We found that because I have a short torso, full-coverage bras are a bit too full-coverage for me, and I have trouble with underwires that come up too high under my arm. I also have relatively narrow shoulders, so wide-set straps are more likely to fall down my arms. We found the perfect bra for me – an Elomi bra in a 38E. We also found a few more options for me, including the Elomi Sports Bra in 38E.

Challenge Your Bra Fit
The fitting completely changed the way I look at bra sizing. It’s one thing to know the theory of bra fit, and another thing entirely to try on a properly fitted bra and see the changes it makes. In the right size, I look years younger and pounds lighter. A transformation like this can do wonders for confidence, and it’s something every woman should experience.

80 percent of you are wearing the wrong bra size. Throw out your existing perceptions and notions of size. Try measuring and checking for proper fit. You, too, might find yourself losing years and pounds or just becoming more comfortable in your skin with the right bra fit.

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