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Must-Have Swimsuit Accessories

We all know that having the right swimsuit is essential at the beach or pool, but there’s more to looking hot by the water than the suit itself. A cover up, wrap, pareo, sarong or other swimsuit accessory can drastically enhance the look, turn a swimsuit into an outfit, and provide a bit more coverage for women who are sensitive about certain body areas. Do you have the right swimsuit accessories to create your ideal summer look? It’s not too late to refine your style; grab one of these swimwear accessories to complete your poolside or beach bunny attire!

The Joys of Swimwear Accessories
Swimsuit accessories such as pareos, sarongs and wraps give the average swimsuit a lot of versatility. With the right swimsuit top and accessory, you can wear the suit almost as an outfit; it’s suitable for wearing into restaurants, shopping in those quaint beachside towns, and even adding a bit more sex appeal to your swimsuit. Most men will tell you it’s what they can’t see that adds to the mystery; so rocking the right accessory can increase the sexiness of your swimsuit.

And accessories are great for women who are sensitive about certain body areas, such as the thighs or belly, and don’t feel comfortable walking around in just a swimsuit. There are so many reasons to have the right swimwear accessory – all you really need is to find the ideal garment!

Wrap a Pareo
The word “pareo” is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for wrap-around skirt. It’s similar to the Malaysian sarong, although a pareo is typically a bit shorter than a sarong. Most of our pareos hit anywhere from mid-thigh to upper-thigh, although we do have a couple of sheer options that fall below the knee like a sarong. A pareo is great for concealing the top of the thighs and bottom region, if you’re worried about cellulite or are just sensitive about walking around with this region exposed. It’s also a sexy accessory to complete a fun and flirty look.


Choose a Sarong
A sarong is a long piece of fabric that’s wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpit, traditionally worn by women in Southeast Asia. In Western society, the use of the word “sarong” is more a marketing choice than a descriptor of the garment itself, as our sarongs range from short to long and don’t follow the traditional definition.

Rock a Wrap or Skirt
Swimsuit wraps are the most diverse category of swimwear coverups or accessories, including full full-body wraps and tunics that cover the entire torso, to wraps designed in a more traditional sarong or pareo style. Many of our designers feature matching wraps to complete their collections, so you can find some great, colorful wraps to complement your favorite swimsuit! Swimwear skirts are exactly as they sound; short skirts that usually go from the waist to the upper thigh, and typically have a slit over the front of the left leg. Swimwear skirts conceal the same general region as the pareo, and can be a great, flirty way to complete your swimwear outfit.

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