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Must-Have Staples for Your Bra Wardrobe

If you follow fashion, you know how important it is to have a few great pieces as staples to form the basis for your wardrobe. With a few classic pieces, you can build fabulous outfits around them based on where you’re going, what you’re doing and what kind of mood you’re in. When women are thinking about staples for their wardrobes, one element often gets overlooked: your bra! Your bra forms the basis for every outfit you wear; it provides the lift and shaping you want, and is especially critical for full-busted or full-figured women. So do you have the must-have bra staples to form the foundation for your wardrobe?

Everyday Bras
The term “everyday bra” is a bit of a catch-all that covers a wide range of bras you might wear for daily use. The thing is, every woman has a different idea of what makes the perfect everyday bra. It depends a lot on what you do in your day-to-day life, and what’s important to you in a bra. And then there are factors like the coverage that you want, and whether you have any special sizing requirements.

For example, if you work in an office, you might want a nice, plain nondescript bra that offers good support and won’t show through your office shirts. A t-shirt bra might be a good fit, as the smooth cups vanish under pretty much all clothes. But women who work in a high-power executive position might want a more feminine everyday bra, something like the Chantelle Legende Full Figure Bra 2981. Or maybe you prefer a demi bra or balcony bra for your everyday bra.

The bottom line is that you should have at least two or three everyday bras in your wardrobe that you can rotate through during the week, but the best everyday bra for you might be different than the best everyday bra for your sister, or your best friend.

Need some help getting started? These are some of our most popular everyday bras.

Sports Bras
If you work out, sports bras seem like a no-brainer. You should have at least a couple in your wardrobe, and they should offer the right impact level for the type of workouts you do. But even if you don’t work out, you may still want a sports bra in your wardrobe. For example, sports bras are great for chasing around small children, running errands on the weekend, cleaning the house or even walking the dog. Even if you’re not working out at the gym, consider adding a sports bra or two to your wardrobe.

Specialty Bras
Most women need one or a few specialty bras in their wardrobes. Specialty bras include things like strapless bras, longline bras, bodysuits – anything that you might not wear on a daily basis, but you might want for a special occasion. Maybe you’ve got a favorite little red dress that requires a strapless bra, or maybe you find that a longline bra or bodysuit offers the extra support and shaping you want. Check your specialty bras regularly to make sure they still fit, as it’s not uncommon for fit to change as weight fluctuates and the body goes through various changes. The last thing you want is to prepare to don your smokin’ hot dress for a special occasion, only to find that your specialty bra has let you down! And because specialty bras can be more difficult to find and fit, it’s a good idea to have one ready at all times – you never know when a special occasion might present itself!

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