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Modest Swimwear is Coming Back in Style!

Are you the kind of woman who wants to be a little more covered up at the pool or beach? Or do you have religious reasons for wanting more coverage in a swimsuit? Regardless of your motivation, there’s good news for you: modest swimwear is coming back in style! A few New York designers are bucking the trend of skimpy, sexy swimwear in favor of swimwear that conceals and flatters instead of exposing your body. Why the new popularity in modest swimwear styles?

“Shop Modest, Swim Modest and Be Modest”
New York fashion designer Regine Tessone is representative of a new kind of designer – one who wants women to have the option to “shop modest, swim modest and be modest.” The return to more modest swimwear is receiving a welcome boost in 2012, with more women buying these “modest” swimsuits consisting of three and four pieces, including a base layer, cover up dresses and even body suits. Women have a variety of reasons for wanting more modest swimwear, and while this is still a small niche in the overall swimwear market, women are voting with their wallets and this niche is growing quickly!

Swimwear for Women to Avoid Unwanted Ogling
A growing number of women want to avoid unwanted ogling at the beach and poolside, and this rise of more modest swimwear represents a perfect opportunity. Women ranging from conservative Christians, to older women, to plus-size women all want to be a bit more covered up at the poolside, and designers are beginning to recognize this and offer flattering swimwear that isn’t as revealing as much of the mainstream swimwear.

Some of the motivation is religious, but a lot of it comes from women who want sun protection, women who have weight issues and want a more modest, flattering swimsuit, or even women who have had skin diseases or want to cover up scars from surgery. And many women are more self-conscious in skimpy swimsuits as they age. If you’re one of the women who appreciates a more modest look, this return to swimsuits that provide more coverage is a great opportunity for a style you’ll love!

Kosher Swimwear – Religious-Compliant Swimsuit Styles
Whether you’re an Orthodox Jew, a Mormon, or a practicing Muslim, several religions impose constraints on what women can wear and how covered-up they must be. Some designers are now offering swimwear that complies with these religious constraints, giving these women freedom to participate in activities they’ve previously been denied, such as canoeing, going to the beach and swimming. While the selection of swimsuits that caters to these religious constraints is still small, it’s a growing segment, and with more modest swimwear coming back in style, these women may soon be able to enjoy a greater selection.

Modest Swimsuit Options
While we don’t have any Kosher or Muslim-approved swimwear – yet – we do have some great swimsuit styles that offer more coverage for women seeking a more modest look. Join us tomorrow as we take a look at some of our favorite modest swimsuit options!

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