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Medical Problems from Bad Bras

An Example of a Good Bra

Bad bras aren’t just a proverbial nightmare for you to gossip about with your girlfriends. Bad or ill-fitting bras can cause serious medical problems; particularly when you wear them for a long period of time. Don’t just resign yourself to wearing a bad bra because you have a hard time finding bras that fit, or because you don’t enjoy bra shopping. If you want to avoid the short-term and long-term medical problems that a bad or ill-fitting bra can cause, invest in a few good bras for your wardrobe.

The Difference Between Bad and Ill-Fitting Bras
Bad bras can strike at any time, but they’re not the only thing that can cause medical problems; ill fitting bras can also cause many of the same medical problems you’ll encounter with bad bras. Realistically, the term “bad bras” is a misnomer – it’s the size and fit that cause more of the problems.

For the purposes of avoiding medical problems, bad bras are bras that are too tight, dig into your body or don’t provide the support that your bust needs. One woman’s bad bra could be another woman’s perfect bra if it fits properly, but some bras are poorly designed and can cause medical problems even in the proper size.

Short-Term Medical Problems Caused by Bad Bras
Realistically, every woman runs into a bad bra at some point in her life; even women who have professional fittings regularly and are conscientious about their bra size. Short-term, bad bras cause medical problems that aren’t typically serious, but can cause a lot of discomfort in your day-to-day life.

Bras that don’t provide the support you need or are poorly designed may place too much of the weight of your bust on your shoulders, causing shoulder and back soreness. A bad bra can also cause you to hunch forward, interfering with your breathing. Bad bras can cause slumping and slouching. Realistically, though, bad bras are a big problem when it comes to long-term medical issues.

Long-Term Medical Problems that Bad Bras can Cause
Short-term medical problems can cause day-to-day discomfort, but they’re nothing compared to the serious medical problems that wearing bad bras can cause long-term. Have you ever thought a bra was uncomfortable and the bra straps left marks in your shoulders? Some women actually wear bad bras for so long that they dig permanent grooves into their shoulders; grooves that never go away, and may require medical treatment.

The slumping and slouching that a bad bra can cause short-term? That can actually degenerate to poor posture long-term, which can cause degenerative posture-related diseases, such as scoliosis.

Underwires that dig into your breasts and cause discomfort, sometimes leaving lines in your breast tissue when you take them off? Those underwire bras can permanently deform your breast tissue.

Avoid Wearing Bad Bras Long-Term
Realistically, we all encounter bad bras at some point or another. Maybe they’re the last bra in your wardrobe that you wear on laundry day, or maybe they’re a back-up “emergency” bra. Be aware, though, that when you wear a bad bra, you’re not only suffering short-term discomfort but you could be causing long-term medical problems. If you do own a bad bra, you can still avoid long-term problems by simply not wearing it. Get rid of it. Your long-term health is worth more than a few dollars you might have spent on buying a bra that doesn’t fit properly, or doesn’t provide the support you need.

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