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Maternity Bras for Large Breasts

Maternity bras for large breasts face some special design challenges. All maternity bra designs focus on providing ample support and accommodating changing bust sizes, but maternity bras for a big bust must take these design features to the next level. Maternity bras for a big bust are starting from a different level entirely, and must include more robust support systems and designs with larger cups to accommodate big busted women.

Maternity Bras for Large Breasts Must Provide Ample Support
Support is always a concern for women with large breasts, and even more so for mothers-to-be with large busts. During pregnancy, your breast size will grow and your breasts will become heavier. Support for these changes is essential. Maternity bras for large breasts should include important design features such as wide straps, a wide band and good cup design. Reinforced cups help provide additional support, and some large bust maternity bras also provide reinforced shoulders to provide additional support. Maternity bras for a big bust often include underwires to provide additional support as your breasts grow.

Large Busted Maternity Bras Accommodate Changing Breast Size
Breast size can change an entire cup or more during pregnancy; sometimes during a very short time. Women who begin a pregnancy with a large bust must find maternity bras designed to accommodate changing breast size into even larger cups. You’ll find maternity bras to accommodate sizes up to an H cup, and nursing bras with even larger cup sizes; up to M in some cases. Many full-busted maternity bras include stretch cups designed to grow and expand with your breasts, which alleviates the need to move into a larger bra as your breast size changes.

Comfort for Large-Busted Women
Maternity bras for all women typically include comfort-oriented features designed to alleviate discomfort. Large-busted women benefit from some of the same comfort features as women with smaller cup sizes, while some comfort features are particularly important in maternity bras for large breasts.

Many maternity bras have cups made from soft materials specially designed to accommodate sensitive breasts and nipples. Some of these soft materials also stretch to alleviate stress on the breasts as the breasts swell. Look for seamless cups or molded cups in your maternity bras if you have sensitive breasts to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Common materials in maternity bras include microfiber and cotton to provide women with soft, comfortable bras that won’t irritate the breasts or skin.

Maternity bras for a big bust should also include support-related comfort features. If you’ve got a large bust, you want to look for maternity bras with wide straps; preferably padded ones to avoid cutting into your skin. Many maternity bras for full-busted women include fully integrated support systems that don’t rely on a single component of the bra to provide support. Bras like the Anita Full Figured Soft Cups Maternity Bras 5162 with the integrated support system can provide the support you need as a full-busted woman to alleviate discomfort and prevent unnecessary strain on your breasts.

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