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Make the Most of Your Shape to Look Sexy and Feel Confident

As women, we’re under a lot of pressure to conform to certain standards and have our bodies look a certain way. We’re constantly bombarded by magazines showing thin and shapely models, and the actresses in movies and TV shows are mostly thin and gorgeous, too. If we don’t look like that, it can be really disheartening, and difficult to take pride in dressing ourselves – especially because we typically don’t think about the amount of makeup, professional hair stylers and Photoshop retouching it took to get those women to look like that in the first place. Well, now is the time to take back our bodies – learn to make the most of your shape instead of trying to hide it!

Baggy Clothes and Unflattering Cuts Don’t Do You Any Favors
Women who are concerned about their bodies often wear baggy clothes to conceal their shapes. Maybe there’s an extra bulge where you don’t want it, or maybe you feel wide and want a baggy shirt to conceal just how wide you feel. But baggy clothes don’t do you any favors, gals. Baggy clothes and boxy cuts just make you look bigger all over, and help minimize the curves you do have that you should be rocking!

Instead of turning to baggy clothes and unflattering cuts, make the most of your shape to feel more confident and sexy! Shapers can help, and believe it or not – a good bra can make a huge difference in how your clothes hang and how you feel.

Choose Clothes that Flatter Your Figure
Last September, we did a series of articles on finding the right bra for certain body shapes. These articles also included brief notes on how to dress those body shapes, too. Check out those articles to get started:

The long and the short of it is that you want to dress yourself in clothes that make you look balanced on top and bottom, with an hourglass figure and a defined waistline. Effective use of colors and patterns on top or bottom appropriately can help. Look for cuts that help balance you out; if you’re bigger on top, look for cuts and styles that help minimize that. Wearing a belt, or shirts cut in a certain way, can help you define a waistline even if you don’t have one. And of course, select your undergarments with care to look your best!

The Right Undergarments are Your Best Friends!
We’ve said it more than once ladies, but that’s because it’s worth repeating: a properly-fitted bra easily takes 10 pounds off your appearance. Having your boobs up high and firmly supported makes your clothes hang differently; those bulges you worry about will be less bulgy, and the right bra alone can help you define a waistline just by giving you those sexy curves on top. The most common bra fitting faux pas is wearing a bra whose band size is too large and cup size is too small, so check for this common fit issue!

If you’re concerned about your curves, shapewear can help smooth away your problem areas. Tummy trimmers can help you minimize those tummy bulges that many of us find so embarrassing. Or something like a bodysuit or camisole smoother helps with the appearance of all-over toning; these can be very useful if you’re concerned about back fat, bulges over the top of a tummy trimmer or other shaping no-nos.

Stop trying to hide yourself in oversized and unflattering clothes – and take back your body with the right bra, the right shapewear and flattering clothing cuts and styles!

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