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Luxury Bras on Steroids! Check Out This Ultraluxe Lingerie

Ultraluxe lingerie made with goldIf you’ve ever thought $100 was a lot to spend on a bra, how would you feel about a bra that starts at $1,500 and tops out at about $6,000? We’re not talking the one-of-a-kind multimillion dollar showpiece that Victoria’s Secret puts out every year – we’re talking about a real, honest-to-goodness bra set that women are actually intended to wear! Have you ever seen anything like this? Would you ever dream of paying for a luxury bra this luxurious?

The Ultra-Luxe Lingerie Niche in Qatar
The idea for this ultra-luxe lingerie that women are actually expected to wear originated in oil-rich Qatar. Someone discovered that the wealthy there had a love affair with all things gold, and that niche was going unserved in the under-there department. He moved to the U.S., enrolled in business school and launched the first fashion line to use gold thread in bra sets!

He says that the gold is woven within the thread, which creates a soft fabric feel comparable to taffeta or other embroidery. Prior to this technique, he claims that most gold fabrics have been plated, giving it a more rough, metallic, abrasive feel.

The reason that this gent chose gold was because his target markets are Russia and the Middle East, which have large markets of high-net-worth consumers. In these cultures, gold has a special symbolism; historically, it’s been a place to store value, and is more desirable than other precious metals, such as platinum, even if the other metals technically have a higher dollar value.

Amusingly, each of these pieces of lingerie contains anywhere from 10 to 20 grams of gold. The price of these bra and panty sets is based, in part, on the spot price of gold based on the amount of gold they contain. If gold skyrockets in value, the cost of these sets would go up.

Talk about an investment! What happens when they start to wear out or need to be replaced?

Our Version of High-End Lingerie
For most of us, lingerie like this is completely out of reach. Here at Big Girls Bras, we have our own version of high-end lingerie: bras that are made with high-quality materials, rigorously tested and refined, and beautiful handmade details. Our favorite luxury brands include:

Personally, I love the high-quality feel and fit of these bras – particularly Conturelle, which is amazingly flattering to my body shape – and I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing a bra that is literally made with gold. I think I’d be paranoid about sweating in it, stretching it out over time or otherwise ruining it – and then what happens?

What do you think about this ultraluxe lingerie? Would you wear a bra and panty set made with pure gold? What’s your favorite luxury bra brand?

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