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Lingerie Fit for a Queen

Don’t you deserve lingerie fit for a queen? June Kenton, famous lingerie boutique owner and the woman who has fit royalty and the famous in England since 1960, brings her experience and values to the Eveden family of brands. Who is June Kenton, and what does Eveden have to do with you? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Frederika Zappe, a National Fit Specialist for Eveden Group, and I got to talk to her about the company, its values – and more importantly, the lingerie brands.

Eveden of Olde: Rigby & Peller
The Eveden Group is a family of lingerie brands that includes Fantasie, Fauve, Freya, Goddess and Elomi. Eveden hasn’t always had such a wide umbrella. The history of today’s diverse Eveden started with Rigby & Peller, two women who produced made-to-measure lingerie. In 1960, Rigby & Peller was granted a Royal Warrant to fit the Queen of England and the royal family. Rigby & Peller approached June Kenton in 1982 about taking over the company, and that’s when the real evolution began.

June Kenton and Her Role in Eveden
June Kenton and her husband Harold opened a clothing shop in 1961, and later added Contour, a shop specializing in lingerie. June and Harold were quite successful with their clothing and lingerie businesses. In the early 1980s, Rigby & Peller approached June about taking over the brand. At that time, June considered the designs old-fashioned and a bit boring, but June saw the potential in Rigby & Peller and bought it in 1982. She also took over the Royal Warrant to fit the Queen, and began her long career of fitting royalty and the famous alike.

Prior to this point, Eveden was its own company founded by S.D. Ryall. In 1992, 10 years after June bought it and had time to evolve the brand, Rigby & Peller signed a world-wide licensing agreement for their lingerie to be manufactured by Eveden and distributed internationally. From this point forward, the Eveden brands benefited from June Kenton’s leadership at the Rigby & Peller helm, and Eveden began to develop its own identify for its unique brands.

The Evolution of Eveden Brands
When Eveden first came to the United States, the two brands under its umbrella were Rigby & Peller and Fantasie. Freya lingerie launched in 1998, and Eveden acquired the American bra company Goddess in 2002. Up to this point, all of the Eveden brands had been “Brit Brands” and operated under UK sizing and design.

Goddess was an American company with American sizing, and it became the first full-figured lingerie under the Eveden umbrella. Prior to that, Rigby & Peller, Fantasie and Freya were primarily designed with full-busted women in mind; with the addition of Goddess, Eveden began serving full-figured women, too.

Fauve launched in 2007, and Elomi launched in 2008. Fauve was a designer line; consider it the couture of lingerie. Elomi, meanwhile, was a “Brit Brand” launched for the fuller figure, with more stylish and fashionable designs than the other full-figured brand under Eveden – Goddess.

In the 18 years since Eveden and Rigby & Peller partnered, Eveden has evolved a unique identity and has gathered brands under its umbrella that enable it to fit literally the entire world. Eveden brands serve everyone from the “average” cup sizes to full-busted and full-figured women. This week we’ll be focusing on the different Eveden brands so you can see what they have to offer you!

Which Eveden brand is yours?

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