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Let’s Talk Maternity Bras

If you are an expecting mother – congratulations! One of my good friends is 7 months right now, which has prompted me to revisit the topic of maternity bras. If you haven’t already started experiencing it, your body is about to go through a lot of changes. The best thing you can do to deal with those changes is to be educated and be prepared! Here at Big Girls Bras, the thing we’re here to help you with are your maternity bra and nursing bra needs! Make no mistake, you do have very specific needs for these bras. Why are they so important, and how do you find a good one?

Why Maternity Bras are Important
Every woman and every pregnancy is different, but it’s not uncommon for women to gain one to two cup sizes during pregnancy. In fact, an increase in the size of your breasts is one of the first changes your body undergoes during pregnancy! Some women go back to their pre-pregnancy bra size after nursing, while others retain their pregnancy breast size – until the next pregnancy! Yes, some women gain multiple cup sizes with every pregnancy.

What this means for you is that it’s vitally important for you to invest in good maternity bras. Don’t deny the changes to your body, and don’t try to keep squeezing into your old pre-pregnancy bras! While you may still be able to close the band, if the cups don’t fit, you’re not getting the support you need.

Why does support matter? For one thing, as your breasts grow, they’re undergoing strain, the skin is stretching and they’re getting heavier – all of which can lead to sagging and a loss of elasticity. A good maternity bra can’t prevent this altogether, but it can help minimize the effects of pregnancy and the stress that your breasts undergo during this time.

Beyond helping to ensure the longevity of your breasts, though, a properly-fitted maternity bra also contributes substantially to your comfort during pregnancy! It’s not uncommon for women to experience breast soreness when pregnant, and nipple sensitivity and extra soreness in the nipple area afflict many pregnant women. A properly fitted bra can help minimize your soreness, as well as relieve any tightness or constraint that an old, poorly-fitted bra is causing. And with everything going on with your body during pregnancy, you definitely want to be as comfortable as possible!

What to Look for in a Maternity Bra
When you’re selecting a maternity bra, look for a bra that provides the support you’ll need as your breasts grow. You may even want to get a cup size or two larger to give your breasts room to expand. If you’ve been experiencing soreness or sensitivity, look for bras that don’t have seams over the nipple area. Finally, when you buy a new bra, look for a band size that gives you a little room to grow. It should be properly fitted – if it’s too big, it won’t provide enough support – but it should fit on the tightest setting, so you have the ability to switch to the looser hook and eye closures as your pregnancy progresses.

Join us tomorrow as we look at some of our top picks for maternity bras!

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