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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas that Don’t Look Last Minute!


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Have you been too busy to come up with plans? Or maybe you said you weren’t going to do anything but have decided you’d like to change your mind? It may be too late to get the traditional dinner reservation at a nice restaurant, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other Valentine’s Day ideas you can pull off at the last minute! Here are a few outside-the-box Valentine’s Day things to do that don’t seem last minute – and can actually help you create a great night with your special someone!



Pack a Romantic Picnic
It’s probably too late to get a dinner reservation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great dinner with the one you love! Pack a romantic picnic, instead. Too cold or wet to picnic outdoors? Do an indoor picnic! Spread a blanket, turn off the tv and enjoy an evening with your honey. Break out the fancy cheese, fruit with chocolate sauce for dipping, and finger sandwiches – and don’t forget a nice bottle of wine to top it off!

Take a Faux Camping Trip
Are you the outdoorsy type? Take a faux camping trip. The weather this time of year isn’t very conducive to camping outdoors, so try setting up your tent in the living room or bedroom – or even making a faux-tent with blankets and pillows. (Remember pillow forts when you were a kid? How awesome were they?) Enjoy the romance of an enclosed space and no TV – without the discomfort of a tree root digging into your back, or a cold, wet night outdoors. Snuggle up in a sleeping bag for two, make shadow puppets with a flashlight, and just have a fun – or romantic – evening with your special someone.

Create a Sexy Scavenger Hunt
Have a fun night in with a sexy scavenger hunt! Leave fun, sexy and romantic clues around the house, starting with the first place your special someone is likely to look after work. For even more fun, have your scavenger hunt collect special treats, like a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge, a fruit plate hiding in a cabinet, or some massage oils you’ve snuck into a side table. Write something funny, cute or sexy with each clue, and you’ll have a great time with your special someone without spending a ton or looking like it was a last-minute idea!

Try a Supper Club Outing
Dinner in a restaurant may not be an option, but how about a supper club outing? Supper clubs and dinner clubs are awesome for foodies – getting together with other foodies at someone’s house and eating something delicious? Sign me up! A little research should turn up whether there are any supper clubs in your area, or you could get together with a few other couples and start one to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day feast!

Grab a Drink at Yappy Hour
Are you dog lovers? Instead of going out to a crowded bar or restaurant, why not grab a drink at yappy hour? Bring your dog and enjoy a low-key evening socializing with like-minded folks. It will take some of the pressure off Valentine’s Day, and still give you a pleasant evening out – without all of the drama and expense that is sometimes associated with going out on Valentine’s Day!

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day ideas or traditions?

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