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Lady Gaga’s ‘Body Revolution 2013’ is a Great Chance to Celebrate Our Flaws

If you haven’t already heard, Lady Gaga launched ‘Body Revolution 2013’ yesterday. Her goal with this initiative is to give her fans an outlet to celebrate her flaws. Lady Gaga’s message is that we’re all different, we all have a story, and whether society finds us perfect or not – we all have something in common. The idea behind a ‘Body Revolution’ is for fans to post pictures of themselves sharing their “socially-deemed flaws” and celebrating themselves instead of hiding or feeling ashamed of their bodies.

Lady Gaga Kicks Off ‘Body Revolution 2013’
Lady Gaga led the way on this bold new initiative by posting a picture of herself in a barely-there bra and thong, flaunting her body unashamedly. What made it part of this campaign, though, was the caption: “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.” One recent statistic on eating disorders says that as many as 10 million women and girls suffer from bulimia and anorexia in the United States alone, with millions more around the world. It’s something that resonates with many women, and these women feel a sense of connection with the icon for sharing her “flaw.”

What are Your Flaws?
Body image is a huge issue in today’s world. A shocking number of women in the media – our role models and the women we uphold as the paragons of beauty – suffer from body image issues, and many of them have admitted to some degree of eating disorder. Those who don’t watch their calorie counts religiously, and go to a huge amount of effort to stay looking beautiful. Having an “ideal” body doesn’t come naturally for most of us – particularly in a world filled with fattening food, long work hours and lifestyles that aren’t conducive to staying fit and healthy.

But body image goes beyond the obvious “weight” to encompass a huge range of unhappiness and dislikes. A few weeks ago, we wrote about how many women hate their breasts; women with smaller breasts wishing for larger, and women with large breasts wishing for smaller. But there are so many things that we hold up to some imaginary “ideal” in our heads and find ourselves lacking. Maybe our feet are too wide. Or our noses are too pointy. Or our knees too knobby. Our fingers aren’t long enough. Our hair too dull, straight, curly, the wrong color. Our eyes too wide, narrow, close together, far apart, the wrong color.

There are so many things that we choose to dislike about our bodies – but the reality is that these differences are exactly what make us human, and unique! It’s easy (and human nature, or at least socially normal) to compare ourselves to other people. But Lady Gaga’s ‘Body Revolution 2013’ is all about celebrating the things we’d normally choose to hate about our bodies. The message is that it’s time to stop feeling ashamed, and bowing to some socially-promoted ideal of “perfect” – and instead accept who we are, and realize how much we have in common!

What do you think – will you take a picture of yourself in a bra and panties and join the Body Revolution? Or maybe something slightly less risqué, but still celebrating your flaws instead of trying to cover them up? Is there something you’ve always wanted to change about your body? Turn it into something to be proud of, instead!

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