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Ladies – Love Your Curves!

Last week, a writer at a popular women’s magazine published a blog post spewing hateful comments about obese people. She said that ascetically, obese people disturbed her – she didn’t like watching them do anything, from walk across a room to kiss on television. This article prompted a media storm of attention, including cries to fire the blogger and demands for a formal apology from the publication. It looks like opponents of the hateful message got neither result – the writer is still blogging for the magazine, and the magazine itself hasn’t issued an apology.

Fortunately for all of us women and men of size, support is pouring out from people and media outlets all over the Web.

Size has really become the last bastion for making fun of other people. The things that used to draw attention – race, ethnicity, mental and physical health problems – our society no longer considers it ‘acceptable’ to make fun of individuals for these reasons. Size? Size is rapidly becoming the last arena where people still publicly insult other individuals, and articles like the one published last week are making it a big focus.

Over 30 percent of the American population is obese. Some estimates now say that two-thirds of the population is overweight. It’s become a common problem that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. And yet we’re still persecuted and ridiculed for our size in some venues.

Ladies – I’m here to say that I’m overweight, and I don’t accept this persistent prejudice. I know who I am. I know my lifestyle better than anybody else. I’d like to make more time for exercise, and my diet isn’t great because I stay so busy, but that doesn’t mean I’m lazy or deserving of any of the negative monikers that a small portion of society assigns overweight individuals.

I like who I am. I don’t live my life waiting for a mythical day when I get thinner. I live my life enjoying each day, and ignoring the people who would want to make me feel bad about myself.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we support women of all sizes. We want to make you feel beautiful, unique, feminine and special. Every one of us is a beautiful person, and society shouldn’t have the ability to heap body image issues onto us. In fact, it was later revealed that the woman who wrote this hateful article about overweight people has herself struggled with anorexia most of her life – because of the body images that society has forced upon her.

Don’t think of your body as the enemy. Your body is a beautiful part of who you are. Learn to dress for the body you have, and rock your curves. A good bra and a nice outfit can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself; boosting your self-confidence and giving you the will to face the world on your terms.

Ladies, you’re powerful. No matter what your size or shape, you are beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Love your body and embrace your curves.

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