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Labor Day Weekend is Just a Week Away!

The last splash of the summer is just around the corner, ladies! Labor Day weekend, traditionally one of the biggest party weekends of the summer, is just a week away! Are you doing something awesome for Labor Day? Do you need a hot new swimsuit to finish out the summer, or get a jump start on your winter holiday or next year’s swim season? We’ve got some great ideas for your Labor Day weekend – and a special offer to help you make the most of your last splash this summer!

What are You Doing to Celebrate the Last Splash of Summer?
Labor Day is the last long weekend that most of us have until Thanksgiving, when you’re expected to sit around on a long, cold evening surrounded by family and probably not enjoying yourself all that much. So for many of us, Labor Day Weekend is the last chance we have to enjoy a kick-ass weekend with friends where we get to do whatever we want, and have fun in the sun with no familial obligations! What are you doing to celebrate the last splash of summer?

  • Call In to Work and Take a Beach Day

Beach days are one of life’s little pleasures. A day relaxing in the sun with a fun beach read and the sound of ocean waves? Yes, please! Give yourself a day off – be a little naughty and call in to work to create your own beach day reward. Wouldn’t you rather use that sick time to have fun now, when the weather’s beautiful, instead of sitting on your couch in the dreary, cold months to come?

  • Throw an Awesome Beach Party in the City

Even if you don’t live near a beach, you can throw an awesome urban beach party for you and your friends! Create a beach-themed event, complete with mandatory swimsuit attire and tropical drinks. Bring a little splash of summer fun to your city life with a load of sand on your deck and a big, kitschy beach umbrella!

  • Spend the Day at the Pool or Water Park

Do your kids love the pool? Do you remember how much fun it was to go to the water park when you were a kid? Take a day to be a kid yourself! Load the kids up and spend a day at the pool or in the waterpark. Ride a slide yourself. Float on the lazy river. Let your hair down and enjoy the last big party weekend of summer!

Enjoy a Special Offer to Help You Celebrate Your Last Splash!
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How are you celebrating your last splash?

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