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Jump-Start Your Shopping with These Great Maternity Bras

Yesterday, we took a look at why it’s important to buy a good maternity bra (or several!) when you’re an expecting mother. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite maternity bras to help you get started with your shopping! If you feel overwhelmed trying to sort through it all, these picks can get you a good, basic wardrobe to get you through the rest of your pregnancy!

Anita Sunrise Maternity Bra 5103
Anita makes some of our favorite maternity and nursing bras, so it’s no surprise seeing the Anita Sunrise Maternity Bra 5103 heading our list! This wonderful maternity bra is made with a super comfortable, breathable stretch microfiber to give expecting moms the ultimate in comfort. The cups are designed to grow with you, and they’re seamlessly pre-formed, which means no seams to rub against sore or sensitive breasts. This design also features all around breast support that goes through to the straps to provide firm support – and the side sections, straps and the panel between the cups feature a pretty pinstripe fabric for an elegant look!

Anita Soft Cups Maternity Bras 5167
The Anita Soft Cups Maternity Bras 5167 is another super comfortable microfiber bra. This bra is made with a permeable-to-air Meryl microfiber, which means this bra won’t get too hot – it’s nice and breathable and it’ll keep you comfortable. This simple design features pre-moulded, seamless stretch cups that help prevent discomfort. This maternity bra is all-around one of our top picks!

Freya Dotty Soft Cup Bra AA2035
If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and fashion-forward, the Freya Dotty Soft Cup Bra AA2035 provides a nice blend of comfort and flair. This gorgeous maternity bra features a cute polka dot design and delicate lace along the top of the cups, with a feminine bow detailing at the center gore to finish off the look. But it’s also functional, with three-section cups designed to offer support for large busts. These bra cups do have seams, so if you’ve had breast sensitivity, keep that in mind when considering this maternity bra.

Freya Kelly Soft Cup Maternity Bra AA4741
The Freya Kelly Soft Cup Maternity Bra AA4741 boasts a design that’s similar to the Dotty soft cup bra, but with a fun leopard print that really lets you show off your playful personality. This simplex fabric is comfortable and supportive, and it’s fully lined. The back closure has 4 hook and eyes, giving you a bit more fit flexibility as your body changes throughout your pregnancy.

Leading Lady Cotton Softcup Maternity Bras 600
If simple and inexpensive are your bywords, you can’t go wrong with the Leading Lady Cotton Softcup Maternity Bras 600. This bra design features a seam that’s covered to help prevent irritation. The soft cups are breathable and absorbent, which can be a plus if you start expressing fluids during the latter stages of your pregnancy. And the double-layered cotton provides soft comfort. Nothing fancy, but the price is good and our shoppers love it.

Pregnant moms, don’t put this off! Treat yourself to a properly-fitted maternity bra ASAP to improve your comfort and take care of your breasts during pregnancy. And join us tomorrow as we look at the next step in your journey through motherhood – nursing bras!

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