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Is it Time to Update Your Sports Bra?

The weather is getting warmer outside, and more and more women are out jogging and working out – which leads us to ask: is it time to update your sports bra? If you’re a fair-weather jogger enjoying the beautiful spring weather, or if you’re just getting into working out (or somewhere in between!), it’s important to have the right sports bra. If your body has changed – if you’ve gained or lost weight – you’re going to need a new sports bra to compensate. What do you need to know to make sure you’re wearing the right sport bra, and decide whether it’s time to update?

Size and Fit are Essential!
We talk about it all the time here at Big Girls’ Bras, but size and fit are especially critical in a sport bra! If your sports bra doesn’t fit properly or isn’t the right size, it isn’t going to provide the support you need. And studies have shown that women who exercise without the right support risk damaging the connective tissues that hold the breasts to the chest wall – which can lead to sagging and a loss of elasticity! These the demons we’re constantly fighting against, so why risk premature sagging if you can prevent it by something as simple as wearing a properly fitted sports bra?

Don’t do it! Just follow our fit guidelines to make sure the sports bra fits properly, and that you’re wearing the right size. If you’re not, do yourself a favor and replace your sport bra! Keep in mind that if you’ve gained or lost weight, you need to replace your sports bra. Your band size and your cup size may change with weight loss or weight gain, so re-fit yourself and revisit which sports bra is best for you!

Consider the Type of Exercise
When you’re shopping for a sports bra, it’s really important to make sure you’re getting the right bra for your workout. If you’re running or doing other “bouncing” activities, you need a high-impact sports bra to hold you in place! Even if you’re wearing a properly-fitted sports bra, if it’s not rated for the impact level of your workout, it can’t provide you with the support you need. So go beyond fit to get the right bra for your type of exercise!

Keep in mind that high-impact sports bras are more restrictive by nature – they’re designed to hold you in place even when you’re bouncing and running – but that doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. Shop around until you get something you can wear while working out, but be prepared to compromise.

Evaluate Moisture Wicking Fabrics
With the weather getting warmer, it’s getting more important to consider moisture-wicking fabrics – especially if you exercise outdoors. In hot or humid climates, you could sweat through your sports bra in a matter of just a few minutes – or less! Having a good moisture-wicking fabric in these circumstances is even more critical.

A moisture-wicking sports bra will keep the wetness away from your skin, making you more comfortable and helping to keep you cooler. If you’re playing sports or wearing a sport bra for an extended period of time, moisture-wicking fabric is even more important to avoid rashes, chafing or other uncomfortable moisture-related skin problems!

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