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Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Bra?

We’ve all got a favorite bra. It comes with being a woman. Maybe it’s the bra that fits best; maybe it’s the bra that makes you feel confident or sexy; maybe it’s the bra that provides the support you like, or maybe it’s the bra you bought at a certain time or place and just love. But in time, even the best bras get worn and threadbare – or just break – and it’s time to say goodbye. Well, with spring just around the corner, now’s a great time to take a look at your wardrobe and retire bras that have lived past their prime. Start by taking a good look at your favorite bra – and be honest about whether it’s time to say goodbye.

How Do You Know When to Get Rid of a Bra?
In most cases, there’s no one clear “sign” that it’s time to retire a bra. Typically, it’s a long slow process of wear and the bra slowly degrading over time until finally – it’s just not doing what it used to do. When the obvious things happen, don’t drag things out – retire a bar when the underwire breaks, when boning pulls out, or when it starts poking you in uncomfortable places. But if your bra has slowly been wearing over time, look out for these signs to decide when it’s time to say goodbye:

  • Bra fabric changes, becomes shiny, pills, stretches or bulges
  • Hooks and eyes bend or break and they dig into your back or no longer hold the bra closed
  • Straps become ragged, frayed or stretched
  • Bra is no longer the same color it used to be

And finally, the biggest sign that it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite bra: when everything starts to droop and sag, and your breasts no longer have the support you need, retire it. Let it go while you both still have some dignity!

Tips to Replace Your Favorite Bra
Favorite bras are our favorite bras for a reason – typically, because it does something that no other bra does well. Favorite bras are often the most comfortable, or maybe the only bra that provides the support you need. When it’s time to replace your favorite bra, think about why you love it so much. What do you get from the bra that you don’t have with any other bra? That should be your most important criteria when shopping for a replacement.

Use our review snapshot and product descriptions to help find a bra that shares the characteristics you love from your favorite bra. Maybe your favorite bra was a specific brand – start with that brand of bra when shopping for a new favorite. And of course, don’t forget to check your fit! Just because you loved your bra doesn’t mean you weren’t wearing the wrong bra size; find out what size you should be, and look for bras in that size.

And finally, if you need help replacing a favorite bra, feel free to give us a call! Our helpful fit professionals may be able to tell you if a certain model has replaced a bra you’ve loved, or what’s the most similar to your favorite bra.

Remember: when you find a bra you love, don’t forget to stock up! Buy more than one! True love comes along so rarely, it’s worthwhile to spend a bit more now to be happy longer.

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