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Is a Three-Part Cup Right for You?

We all have our own ideas of what we want in a bra. Some of us prioritize comfort and just want a bra that won’t pull, tug or pinch. Others want a pretty bra that makes us feel sexy and is great for “date night” – or just for an everyday boost of confidence. Some women prefer smooth, moulded-cup bras because they vanish under t-shirts and tops. Whatever your preferences, it’s important to ask whether you’re wearing the “right” bra. Many women who have strong preferences about bras are actually wearing the wrong bra for their body or needs. Today, we’re going to look at the three-part cup, and whether it’s the right bra for you.

What is a Three-Part Cup?
What is a three-part cup, anyway? It may sound intimidating, but a three-section cup is actually pretty simple: it’s just a cup that’s sewn in parts instead of as one single cup piece. For example, in a molded cup bra or seamless bra, you typically have one single form for your bra cup. It’s all one piece. In a three-part cup, you typically have a two-section lower cup and the upper cup is typically one section. The benefit of something like a three-part cup over a molded cup or seamless cup bra is that the three-part cup typically provides better shaping, support and control.

Who Would Benefit from a Three-Part Cup?
The women who most benefit from three-part cups are:

  • Full busted women
  • Women who have shoulder pain or headaches caused by their bras
  • Women who want a little more shaping
  • Women whose breasts aren’t as firm

Full-busted women benefit from three-part cups because these bra designs provide extra support, shaping and control versus other bra types. Things like side slings, powernet wings and simply the way the cups are shaped really can provide a lot of control and support, and create a flattering line under your clothes.

For women who have shoulder pain or headaches caused by their bras, a lot of this is due to lack of support and trying to use the bra straps to support the bust. A three-part cup in the appropriate band and cup size can make a huge difference in providing the support you need to eliminate these problems.

Women who want more shaping greatly benefit from three-part cups. In a moulded or seamless cup, your bust has to conform to the shape of the cup and this can cause problems for women who want more intensive shaping. This is particularly true for women whose breasts aren’t as firm.

Women whose breast tissue isn’t as firm as it used to be, due to childbirth, the natural aging process or wearing bad bras for too long, are great candidates for three-part cups. In something like a molded cup bra or demi bra, women with loose breast tissue often find these bras unflattering because they lack “fullness” up top. Their breasts may look flattened or saggy in this type of bra. But in a three-part cup, they get the shaping to help their breast tissue look and feel young and firm again.

Our Favorite Three-Part Cups
A few of our favorite three-part cup bras are:

What’s your favorite three-part cup bra?

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