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Invest in a Fashion Foundation


How much money would you say you spend on clothes? The number varies dramatically depending on a huge range of factors! Women who work outside the home – particularly in offices or other professional settings – tend to spend more on clothing than stay-at-home moms or women who work from home. Women who work in industries that can be judgmental when it comes to physical appearance, such as fashion or beauty, also tend to spend a ton on clothes. If you work in a setting where you spend more on clothes, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a good fashion foundation?

No Outfit is Complete Without a Good Foundation
You wouldn’t spend a lot of time putting on beautiful makeup without first applying a foundation to smooth your complexion and create a lovely blank canvas. So why would you throw on a beautiful, expensive outfit without wearing the right foundation underneath? The best outfit in the world would look unflattering on most of us without a good, supportive bra – and maybe a nice piece of shapewear. So don’t skimp when it comes to the foundation pieces – invest in a good foundation so you’ll look great no matter what you wear!

Consider Your Foundation an Investment
Plenty of women balk at spending money on bras. We say we “can’t afford” to spend a lot on bras – and then go out and spend $40 on foundation, $30 on eyeshadow and $20 on a lipstick! Not to mention manicures, pedicures, hair styling, hair coloring… there are a ton of demands for our money, but your fashion foundation deserves its equal share.

Think about it this way. You could buy three $20 bras that don’t provide enough support, wear out too fast, are uncomfortable to wear or have other issues… or one $60 bra that you love and that fits you perfectly so you want to wear it every day. Or make a real investment, and buy two $120 bras for the price you’d spend on a decent women’s suit for work, and you’ll have some solid foundation pieces that will keep you looking great for years to come – particularly if you switch them out frequently with their lesser-priced cousins.

Don’t look at your bra wardrobe as “expensive” or something where you “can’t afford” to splurge. Think of it as an essential foundation for your fashion, and look at a good bra as an investment in looking great!

Our Favorite Investable Foundation Pieces
If we’re talking investment pieces, we’re generally talking some of the more expensive bra brands. Price in this case does correlate to quality and longevity – these high-end bras are super comfy to wear and make you look and feel great! Some of our top “fashion foundation investment” bra brands are:

When you try these premium brands, you can feel and see the difference! If you’re ready to take your fashion foundation seriously and make an investment in your wardrobe, these bra brands are the place to start.

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