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How You Can Tell You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra

This is how a properly-fitted bra should look.

If up to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, why do they do it? Because they don’t know it! Women wear the wrong bra size for years without realizing that it’s the wrong size, and without understanding that’s not how bras are supposed to fit. How can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra or wrong bra size?

From the Back:

Problem: Shoulder straps fall down or dig in.
Solution: Adjust the shoulder straps. If they still fall down or dig in, you may be wearing the wrong bra size. If the straps fall down, you may be wearing the wrong band size. If they dig in, you may need a bigger cup size. Or the bra just may not be the right fit for you.

Problem: Band rides up or slides down the back.
Solution: Band isn’t the right size. The band of the bra should lie level around your entire body. If it doesn’t, it’s too big and you need a smaller band size.

Problem: Bra band squeezes your flesh in a way that leaves marks or causes pain.
Solution: The bra band is too tight. You should be able to get one or two fingers underneath your bra band without any discomfort. A bra should never be uncomfortable to wear; if it is, it’s the wrong size or style for you.

From the Front:

Problem: The cups are baggy, gaping or wrinkly.
Solution: The cups are too big. Try a smaller cup size.

Problem: The underwire isn’t flush against your rib cage.
Solution: The cup size is too small, and/or the band size is too big. In a properly fitted bra, the underwire should lie flush along your rib cage to support your bust. If the underwire is pulling away from your ribcage, you probably need a larger cup size. You may also need a smaller band size. This is the biggest sizing error combo in bra buying.

Problem: The underwire is cutting into the underside of your breasts.
Solution: The bra cup is too small. See the above note for the way the underwire should fit. try a larger cup size, and/or a smaller band size.

Problem: Your nipples pop out of the cups.
Solution: The cup is too small, and/or you need a more full-coverage bra. Try a larger cup size, and if you still have trouble, consider a bra that offers fuller coverage.

Problem: Your breast tissue squeezes out of the top, creating a “double-boob” effect.
Solution: The cup size is too small, or you need a bra that offers fuller coverage. Get a bigger cup or try a more full-coverage bra.

Problem: The bridge of your bra doesn’t lie flat against your body.
Solution: The cup size and/or band size is wrong. Try a bigger cup size, and/or a smaller band size. In a properly fitted bra, the bridge of your bra should lie flat against your body between your breasts.

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