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How Weight Loss and Weight Gain Change Your Breasts

This week, we’re going to continue our series on the changes that your breasts experience at different stages in your life, and how that can change your bra size and bra needs. Today, we’re going to look at the changes to your breasts caused by weight gain and weight loss. These changes can be some of the most challenging to manage, as many women experience emotional baggage that comes along with weight gain, or want to “wait” until they reach their ideal size with weight loss. This is a vital area to confront reality, though, ladies – otherwise, your breasts could experience long-term damage due to your reluctance to face your changing breasts.

Weight Loss and Your Breasts
Weight loss is generally a happy and hopeful experience for most women. We’re happy to be losing weight, getting closer to our ideal weight and seeing the changes in the way our clothes fit. Many women are reluctant to buy new clothes until they’ve reached their ideal weight. In part, this serves as motivation to keep going. Another element in this mental equation is the thought that buying new clothes in a goal weight or size represents a reward for all of the hard work that goes into weight loss.

Unfortunately, you ignore the changes in your body that come along with weight loss at your own peril. At the very least, your bras will stop fitting properly as you lose weight. You’ll go down in both band and cup size as you drop the weight, although the exact ratio depends on your body type and how you store fat. When you go down in bra sizes but don’t buy a new bra, your breasts may appear to sag, and your bra won’t offer the support you need. Also, if you’re working out in a sports bra that becomes too big as you lose weight, you won’t get support during exercise and may have stretching or sagging as a result.

Push-up and padded bras can help if you lose volume and fullness

Additionally, what many women don’t realize is that when you lose weight in your breasts, the skin of your breasts may not tighten right away – or at all. So you may also lose volume and shape in your breasts. A push-up or padded bra can help, or you can use cutlets to help give your breast the appearance of fullness and volume.

Weight Gain and Your Breasts
Weight gain is a difficult thing for many women to accept, emotionally speaking. We deny the weight gain until our jeans get too tight and our shirts start to show an unflattering bulge; or beyond. When you gain weight, though, more than your jeans and shirts are affected – your bra band size and your cup size may increase. If you don’t re-evaluate your size and invest in some appropriately-sized bras, you won’t be getting the support you need.

Full-cup and full-figure bras may be the right choice when you gain weight

If your cup is too small, underwires can rest on sensitive breast tissue and cause discomfort, as well as poke on the side of breast tissue or into the underarm region. You may also end up swelling out over the top of the bra cup. Band sizes that are too tight cause their own discomfort. You may find that you need a full-coverage or more supportive bra when your breast size increases, or you may need to move into a full-figure bra. At the very least, you should re-evaluate your size and invest in some bigger bras. Otherwise, your breasts can face the long-term consequences of a lack of appropriate support, and you’ll be dealing with daily discomfort.

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