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How to Shop for Bras to Wear in Warmer Weather?


Warm weather has been tantalizing parts of the country, and as we’re marching steadily toward June, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all dealing with the heat! Before spring slips away entirely, now is a great time to revisit your bra wardrobe and make sure you’ve got what you need to see you through the warm weather. Just like you’d add window fans, floor fans and air conditioners in a heat wave, you need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly – or deal with the discomfort and potential medical issues that come otherwise!

Why Does Weather Matter?
We all have a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe, but few women think of changing bras to prepare for the change in weather. Unfortunately, this is a problem! With the wrong bra, hot weather can cause anything from mild discomfort to chafing, heat rash, raw skin or even overheating. If you’re wearing a robust (i.e. huge) bra design in a non-breathable fabric while you’re working out – particularly if you’re working out in the heat – you could actually cause your core temperature to rise to the point of heat stroke. Pay as much attention to your bra wardrobe as you do your clothes to keep yourself healthy and comfortable!

When you’re shopping for warm-weather bras, you want to look for breathable, light, moisture-wicking materials. Cotton is actually a no-no for warm weather; it tends to soak up sweat and remain uncomfortable and clammy against your skin. Microfiber or polyester/nylon/elastine blends tend to be good for warm weather bras – they offer moisture-wicking to keep you feeling dry, and they’re breathable which helps keep your core temperature lower – especially critical if the design offers a lot of coverage.

Sheer or lacy bras can help keep you cooler by permitting more airflow, but a lot of bras are sheer on top but feature a lined cup on the bottom, which may not provide the breathability you need. Look for a breathable knit, and pay special attention to the fabric used on the cup bottoms and around the band.

Design and Fit
Design is more important than you might think in shopping for good warm-weather bras. A sizable, robust bra design may provide support and coverage – but it can also make you overheat. Alternately, bras that don’t fit properly or whose design is not well-suited for your body can also cause problems. For example, if the bra cups don’t fully encapsulate your breasts, but instead leave your breasts sagging or resting on your chest wall – this can trap sweat and cause discomfort and even rashes.

Look for a bra design with an underwire that encapsulates your breasts, and cups that are ample enough to support them fully without any part of your breast resting on your chest wall. You also want a bra that’s properly fitted – particularly in the band – or you may find the bra cups drooping and causing sweat buildup along the band or underwire under the breasts, which can lead to chafing and skin rashes.

Hopefully, this is enough to help you get started finding the right bras for your warm-weather wardrobe. If you need some ideas, though, join us tomorrow for our warm-weather bra roundup!

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