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How to Select the Right Shapewear for a Full Figure

Just because you’re full-figured doesn’t mean you want to look dumpy, slouchy or plump on your hot date. We totally understand that full-figured women want to look their best, whether they’re out on the town or in that important office meeting! Whether we like it or not, other people judge us based on how we look. If your favorite dress is a smidge too snug in all the wrong places, or if that power suit doesn’t caress your curves as much as highlight every plump pudge, you’re going to face judgment, as much as it sucks. But with the right shapewear, you can tame your figure and present your curves in a flattering silhouette!

Where Do You Want Shaping?
We all wear our weight in different places. Some women wear their extra weight in hips and thighs. If this is you, a thigh slimmer might be the right choice for you. If you want to smooth your tummy region, tummy trimmers do the trick. Women who are looking more for all-over control and shaping should take a look at body briefers or smoothers.

Unfortunately, the wrong shaper can be far more unflattering than no shaper at all. A tummy trimmer that doesn’t go high enough can just cause you to bulge over the top – and trust me, that look ain’t flattering to anyone! Or a tummy trimmer or shaper with high-cut legs can leave your hips bulging – while a thigh slimmer might give you the extra control you want in that region.

So it’s important to know your own body and how your weight is distributed to find the right level of control and shaping coverage for you. If you’re worried about bulging over the top of your shaper, a body briefer or smoother may be the way to go – or even a longlegs shaper or a tall tummy trimmer. Just think about your body and find the right match for your needs.

Size is Critical
Size is absolutely critical when you’re shopping for a shaper. It can be very tempting to want to squeeze into that smaller size you used to be able to wear, and think that buying a smaller shaper will do the trick. Don’t do it to yourself! When your shaper is too small, it can cause that unflattering bulging we were talking about above. Not to mention it can be uncomfortable, cutting into your skin or making it difficult to move around or sit down. And let’s not even talk about what happens if it fails on you!

No, when you’re shopping for shapers, do yourself a favor and take your measurements. Buy the appropriate size based on your measurements – not what you’re accustomed to wearing. Don’t give in to tricksy wishful thinking – you’ll look a lot better if you buy a shaper that fits instead of one you *want* to fit!

Consider What You’re Wearing
What you’re wearing matters. You may want different shapers for different outfits. The best way to match a shaper to your outfit is try the outfit on and see where you want to smooth out the unflattering bits. Where do you want the extra control? Tummy? Thighs? Upper back? Once you accept how you look in what you’re wearing, you can buy the right shaper to help you look slimmer and trimmer in all the right places!

Want help finding the right shaper for you? Give our helpful fit specialists a call!

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