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How to Select a Sports Bra for Your Running Program

Choosing the right sports bra for a running program is a really important decision. Wearing the wrong sports bra while running can lead to a wide range of problems, from discomfort and tenderness in the breasts due to lack of sufficient support, all the way to deformation and stretching of your breast tissue from too much bounce. And your breasts are important enough to splurge on a good sports bra to make sure they stay comfortable and healthy for a long time to come! If you had it in your power to prevent premature sagging from wearing a poor sports bra, wouldn’t you? Here’s what you need to know to select a sports bra for your running program:

Check Out the Sports Bras in Your Size
Not all sports bras come in all sizes. Some of the sports bras here at Big Girls Bras are designed for women with a small bust, and work great for women with A and B cup sizes. Others are designed for C and D cup sizes. And still others are designed for DD, DDD and larger cups. When you’re picking a sports bra for running, you don’t WANT a one-size-fits all option! You want the bra that’s designed to provide optimal bounce resistance and support for YOUR bust size! So start by checking out which sports bras come in your size!

Isolate the Sports Bras that Work for Running
Once you’ve found sports bras in the right size, look for sports bras that are good for running. You may find sports bras that are great for “mat exercises” but wouldn’t provide the support you need for running. Things you want to look for include phrases like “high impact,” “bounce resistant” and of course – “running!” If a bra doesn’t directly mention running, but lists other high-bounce activities, like kickboxing, horseback riding and other high-impact exercise, it’s probably good for running, too.

Read Descriptions and Reviews for Important Information
Here at Big Girls Bras, we’re very proud of our description and review system! We try to list all of the important information to help you make an informed decision. If you’re looking for a sports bra with underwire, padded straps and a breathable fabric – you’ll find all that info in our descriptions!

And of course, there’s the invaluable reviews from other women who have bought and worn the bra. Our Review Snapshot for each bra tells you the pros and cons of the bra, as rated by other women who wear it, and the best uses. Look for a sports bra with “running” or “high impact exercise” in the Best Uses field, and you’re on the right track! You can also check out the individual reviews to see if there’s anything particular that women love or hate about the bra, and whether that might be an issue or a consideration for you.

Make SURE You Order the Right Size!
Remember how I said earlier to check out the sports bras in your size? Well, once you’ve found the sports bra you want – MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE RIGHT SIZE! Don’t just order the size that you THINK you are. Check out the cup size comparison chart listed on many of our bra pages to find out if the brand handles sizing different than the brand you’re accustomed to buying. If there isn’t one, go to our master Bra Cup Size Comparison chart to confirm you’re getting the right size. And if you haven’t been fitted in a while, check out our Step By Step Measuring Instructions to make sure you select the right bra size. It’s vitally important that your running sports bra fit properly, so don’t skip this critical step!

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