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How to Prevent Droopy Breasts During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Having a new child is one of the wonderful gifts of womanhood, but it comes with a price. Many new mothers are worried about keeping their figures and their body during and after pregnancy. Realistically, pregnancy does put a lot of strain on your body. Your body changes, and it will change again after childbirth and breastfeeding. There are things you can do to minimize changes to your body, and one of the easiest things to do is to take care of your bust during and after pregnancy.

Your Body Changes in Pregnancy
While you can do things to minimize it, there’s no getting around the fact that your body changes during pregnancy. During the first trimester, your breasts may begin to get sensitive and tender. Your breasts may become heavier and begin to enlarge, but these changes may not be noticeable so early. In the second trimester, the milk-producing glands in your breasts begin to enlarge, which increases the size of your breasts. During the third trimester, you may begin to see stretch marks due to the rapid changes in your body as your baby matures. Your breasts enlarge and become heavier, preparing to make milk after birth.

When you give birth, your breasts may enlarge slightly more to accommodate breastfeeding. You may notice that your breasts are sensitive or tender, and you may experience discomfort unless you express your milk. After breastfeeding, your breasts may return to their former size or even appear to be smaller than before. In some cases, the breasts remain larger than before the pregnancy. The long-term concern that most women have is whether the breasts are droopy or sagging after pregnancy, and that is something you can address.

Wear the Right Bras During Pregnancy
The first step to keeping your breasts in good shape during and after pregnancy is to wear the right bras. At least some of the drooping is caused by the additional weight of the breasts when they enlarge. If you wear a good, supportive maternity bra during pregnancy, you can protect the ligaments that holt the breasts in place and prevent some stretching and drooping. Maternity bras are also designed to accommodate your growing size, and may include comfort features like padded cups that are more comfortable when you have sensitive breasts. Check out our selection of maternity bras for pluz size women, or large cup or large size maternity bras for women with smaller figures.

Use Nursing Bras After You Give Birth
After you give birth, it’s very important to wear good nursing bras. Arguably, breast feeding causes the most strain on the bust. A good supportive nursing bra can help your breasts retain their shape and prevent drooping and stretching due to strain on the ligaments. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we have a great selection of large size and plus size nursing bras for you, with convenient features like nursing cups and added support. Plus size underwire nursing bras can provide added support and help keep your bust in good shape.

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