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How to Fit a Bra

Panache SuperBra Tango II Underwire Balconette Bras 3251Curious how to fit a bra? Bra size and bra fit are related, but both must be correct in order to get a comfortable, supportive bra. In order for a bra to fit it must be the right size, but it should also be a good style for your body type. The question of how to fit a bra properly balances size, style and design elements to match the bra to your body.

How a Bra Should Fit is Based on Size

A bra’s fit is based, in part, on size. The band of a bra should lie flat against your skin, without riding up on the back and without any gap in the front, between your breasts. If the band pulls away from your breastbone in the front, it’s too large. Bands that are too small may squish your breasts against your body, or cause your breasts or the skin on your back to spill out around the band.

Cup size should be large enough to adequately cover your breasts; if your breasts are spilling out over the top of the cup or getting squeezed under the bottom of the cup, the cup size is too small. Cups with wrinkled material or space around your breast are too large. For complete information on finding the right size, check out our article on “How to Choose a Bra Size.”

Detailed Bra Fitting and Measuring Instructions

How to Fit a Bra Correctly Requires the Right Style

The question of fitting a bra properly also requires you to find the right style bra or bras for your body type. Some styles may be appropriate for women with small busts, but may simply not provide enough support for large-busted women. Alternately, styles that provide the best support for large-busted women may not be flattering for women with smaller busts. Additionally, you’ll want a bra with a sport-type fit for active days. Find the styles that work best for your body shape and activities, in the correct size, to see exactly how to determine fit for a bra.

Bra Styles for Small-Busted Women
Both small busted and larger busted women benefit from balcony style or half cup bras that provide a bit of lift and a flattering shape. Padded balcony or half cup bras can provide extra shaping for small busts. Full-coverage bras may not provide a flattering line for small busts, and square-cut bras may flatten your bust instead of provide it with a flattering shape.

Bra Styles for Full-Figured Women
Women with large-busts or full-figured women may find the best bra fit with full coverage bras. Full coverage bras contain the breasts completely, and together with wide straps, provide good support for large busts. Underwires provide great support for large-busted women, although they can cause discomfort in women whose bust size fluctuates with menstruation or due to other natural changes. Women with large busts should avoid bras with narrow straps, as they may dig into the shoulders and cause discomfort, in addition to not providing adequate support.

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