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How to Find the Most Comfortable Bras

Finding a comfortable bra is a huge problem for many women. As we covered in yesterday’s post, many women feel their bras are so uncomfortable that they take them off when they get home in favor of a sports or leisure bra, or no bra at all! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to make sure you find the most comfortable bras that you can wear all day long. After all – a bra is useless if you don’t wear it! What do you need to know to find the most comfortable bras?

Using Reviews to Find Comfortable Bras
One of the most important tools we’ve provided for you to help find comfortable bras is our shopper review system. Using our review system, women who purchase a bra are able to rate it on a variety of items. Some of the comfort-related rating options include:

  • Comfortable Fit;
  • Comfortable Material;
  • Uncomfortable Material;
  • Uncomfortable Underwire;
  • Poor Support.

Women can also rate fit, which plays an important role in whether or not a bra is comfortable. Women have the option of rating cup fit as true to size, too big or too small, and the same for band size.

An additional bit of info that can help you decide whether the comfort-oriented ratings are relevant is the ability for women to rate themselves. Women who describe themselves as “comfort-oriented” are more likely to consider comfort a high priority, and their comfort ratings may be more relevant to you. Women who consider themselves sexy or stylish may not rate comfort as high.

Consider the reviews for these two bras: the Exquisite Form Fully Floral Lace Bra and the Goddess Rose Banded Underwire Bra.







The Exquisite Form Fully Floral Lace Bra has 19 ratings of “Comfortable” out of 19 reviews. 11 of the reviewers rate themselves as comfort-oriented. Based on this information, you can feel pretty confident that this is a comfortable bra.

The Goddess Rose Banded Underwire Bra has slightly more conflicting reviews. 15 of 18 reviews say it’s comfortable, but 3 reviews say that it’s made of an uncomfortable material. If you scroll through the ratings, you can see that two of the women who called it an uncomfortable material still maintained it provided a comfortable fit, and all three women agree that the uncomfortable material was a bit stiff and itchy. But they would still recommend it and wear it themselves.

This gives you some important information when deciding whether the bra would be comfortable for you; if stiff material wouldn’t bother you then you’d probably find the fit comfortable. If it would bother you, though, you might be best suited to another bra.

Our review system provides an invaluable tool to help you find the most comfortable bras. When you’re browsing our bra collection, don’t forget to check out the review snapshot to help you find the most comfortable bra for you!

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