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How to Extend the Life of Your Bras

Women wear bras every single day, and all of that wear can go through bras far more quickly than we want to replace them. Particularly if you invest in an expensive bra, you want to know that your bra will last long enough to justify the price tag. If you’re tired of replacing worn bras, there’s good news: the right care techniques will go a long way to extending the life of your bras. How can you make your bras last longer and justify your investment?

Buy the Right Bra Size
First and foremost, you can extend the life of your bras by buying the right bra size. The moment you first wear a bra is the smallest it will ever be. From the first day you begin wearing your new bra, it begins to stretch. Over time, it can become stretched too far to be effective, thus changing the way your bra fits and rendering it obsolete. If you buy your bra in the right size, though, you can extend its effective life, even allowing for stretch.

When you try on a bra for the first time, try it on the loosest set of hooks. That’s the smallest your bra will ever be. Over time, as your bra stretches, you can switch to the middle set of hooks, and then the inside set of hooks. Even as your bra stretches, switching to the next set of hooks can prolong its life.

Hand Wash Delicate Bras
The fastest way to kill a bra is rough treatment, and washers and dryers are rough on your bras. Some bras specifically instruct you to hand-wash them due to delicate fabrics or colors. Realistically, you’ll prolong the life of your bra if you always hand wash it, even if the care instructions don’t call for hand washing. Let your bra air dry, and never send it through a dryer. Wash your bras every three times you wear them, unless you sweat excessively from heat or exercise. This is the optimal ratio for keeping your bras from becoming stained and saturated with perspiration, but still avoiding washing too much which can shorten the life of your bras.

Store Your Bras Gently
Bras may not look it, but they’re delicate pieces of lingerie. If you cram too many bras in a drawer or hang them awkwardly from pegs, you can shorten the life of your bras. Always store them gently. Make sure the padding or molded cups aren’t crushed or deformed, or they can deform permanently and shorten the life of your bra. Avoid hanging bras by the bra straps as this can damage the elasticity.

Rotate Bras Through Your Wardrobe
One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your bras is to have several bras and rotate them through your wardrobe regularly. Don’t have one bra and wear it to death. By wearing multiple bras equally, you extend the life of all of your bras. Ideally, try to avoid wearing a bra two days in a row, as this can put added strain on the elasticity without giving it a chance to recover.

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