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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Shapewear!

This week, I’ve been taking you through my picks and processes for choosing the right wedding foundation layer. We’ve covered my bra oddyssey (so glad I finally found some strapless bras that work!) and today: the shapewear problem! Here’s the thing about wedding shapewear: every dress is different, and every woman’s body is different, which means every woman needs different shapewear to meet her needs. For me, the shapewear search coalesced to something high-waisted that would tame belly bulge and love handle bumps under my lovely, forgiving wedding dress (this pic is on the model, not me!):

Wedding Dress

The dress actually fit like a dream, but I’m hoping to have an outdoor ceremony (if the weather cooperates!) so I didn’t want a stiff breeze to come along and highlight all those bumps and bulges that the dress so flatteringly hid – especially not in a photo that memorializes this special day for the rest of my life! So I wanted some shapewear to tame the bumps and bulges around my midsection.

I really wanted a high-waist tummy trimmer for this dress. Sometimes shapewear rolls down, and/or lacks the “oomph” to really shape these problem areas, so I wanted something significant with good control to help create the perfect waistline. I would have loved a body briefer so I wouldn’t have to worry about rolling, but with the spaghetti straps on my dress, I can’t have anything with straps. So I narrowed down my options to:

Unfortunately, I was really bummed that none of these had any reviews – I really rely on reviews to help me make selections when all things seem equal. (So if you own any of these, please review them to help us shoppers make our decisions in the future!)

Without reviews, I went through the fit guidelines to see which seemed like it would fit me the best (and thus provide the best shaping) – and ultimately, based on the measurements, it seemed like the Elomi Thigh Shaper Brief 8118 and the Bodywrap Long Leg Panty High Waist 45821 would be the best fit for my body. The measurements on the Va Bien shapewear didn’t quite coincide with my body, so I didn’t want to risk that the appropriate size might be too small and I might bulge over the top, or it might not provide the level of control I was looking for.

Ultimately, I chose to go with the Elomi Thigh Shaper Brief 8118. I love the Elomi brand – it’s designed specifically for us fuller-figured gals – and I felt like it would provide the best shaping for my body and my dress. I also thought that the extra thought that went into the design details would make it less likely to roll down.

It turned out to be a great option! The fit is exactly what you’d hope for in a shaper like this. It’s absolutely invisible under my dress, and provides me with the comfort of not having to worry whether there’s a breeze or I move oddly – I’m still going to look great on my special day!

What are your wedding dress shapewear challenges? Share your needs with us and let us help you find the perfect foundation to look great on your big day!

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