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How to Choose the Best Bra

“How to choose the best bra” is a question that many women consider when shopping for bras. The reality is that the “best” bra is a subjective measurement, which depends on individual preference, your body type and how bras fit you specifically. Some women love bras with an underwire for support, while others find that underwire bras are too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Choosing the best bra requires you to know your fit, and try different bras to see what works best for you.

How to Properly Choose a Bra
In order to properly choose a bra, you must first know your bra size and fit. For more information about size and fit, check out our articles on “How to Choose a Bra Size” and “How to Fit a Bra.” Many women find that bra styles they had previously considered uncomfortable are actually just the wrong size. While some fits may not work for you, most bras that seem uncomfortable or don’t provide good support might just be the wrong size.

Know Your Body
Most clothing is designed with a certain body style, size and shape in mind, and bras are no exception. While changing bra sizes can accommodate many fit-related issues, some bra designs simply don’t work well with some body types. Women with larger busts should buy bras with wider shoulder straps and a wide back strap to provide the best support.

Fuller-figured women may find that narrow straps cut into their skin, leaving red marks when the bra is removed and making the bra uncomfortable to wear. Full-coverage bras provide the best support for large busts. Underwires provide great support for larger busts, and can be quite comfortable when worn in the correct size. The important thing is to know and accept your body as it is, and learn what types of bras and designs offer the best support and provide the line and shape you desire.

How to Choose the Correct Bra
You may need to experiment with bra designs and styles to find the types of bras and materials that best fit your body, but learn your body and buy bras that fit you well – not bras that look pretty on the rack. Bras that fit you well will provide the proper support and make you look and feel more attractive, which is more than you can say for a “pretty” bra in the wrong style or with a poor design for your body type.

The material of the bra you select may play a role in how well the bra fits. If you choose a lacy or stretchy material, the bra may not retain its shape properly or may have trouble supporting large breasts. These materials may also make the breasts look bigger. Don’t choose a bra based on how it looks on the hangar or whether you think the bra itself is attractive; think about the material and the fit, and how it will work on your body.

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