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How to Choose a Bra

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Wondering how to choose a bra? Selecting a bra requires you to juggle important factors, such as fit, style and comfort. The right bra for one occasion might not be the bra you’d choose in a different scenario, so you must consider several factors when selecting a bra for the day or buying a bra to add to your wardrobe.

How to Choose a Bra Style
Bra style is important for a number of reasons:
  1. Different bra styles provide different levels of support;
  2. Bra style may vary depending on what you’re wearing;
  3. The right bra style depends, in part, on how long you’ll be wearing it.
In order to determine which bra style you should use on a given day, or which style best suits your body style and shape, you must consider your activity for the day, what you’ll be wearing and whether there’s a certain style that tends to work best for you.

Consider What You’ll be Doing and Wearing
If you’re planning to exercise or be active, a demi-cup bra with thin straps won’t provide you the support you’ll need. If you’re wearing a strapless dress or an off-the-shoulder shirt, you’ll need a strapless or convertible bra. When you’re selecting a bra, think about what you’ll be wearing and doing in order to find the right style for your day.

How to Choose the Right Bra:
  • For an active day: choose a full-coverage bra with wide, supportive straps. A bra with good coverage or reinforcement across the back can help prevent riding up when you’re active. Something like the Enell Sports Bra is an excellent choice, because of its effective supportive features and moisture-wicking material that help the bra stay in place even when you sweat.
  • For low-cut clothing: A demi-cup bra with wide-set straps is an excellent choice if you’re wearing a shirt or dress with a low-cut neckline. The fabric of a demi-cut or decollete bra only covers half or two-thirds of your breast, so the fabric of your bra won’t show if you’re wearing a low-cut neckline. One example of a popular demi bra is the Felina Harlow demi.
  • For under t-shirts: If you want a flattering look under cotton t-shirts or clingy material, consider a seamless bra. Seamless bras are smooth and give your breasts a natural curved shape. The Fantasie of England seamless t-shirt cut bra is a great example of the type of seamless bra you’d want to wear under cotton t-shirts.
  • For strapless clothing: When you’re wearing a strapless dress or top, you’ll want a convertible or strapless bra. Most convertible bras have an option to completely remove the straps, and a strapless bra is designed to be worn without straps. The Femi Basic Convertible Underwire Plunge Bra is one of the many convertible style options, which you can wear with straps in various configurations or remove them completely for strapless tops.

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