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How to Choose a Bra for Support

Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra 6090How to choose a bra for support isn’t a particularly challenging process, if you know your body type and what styles work best for what types of women. It’s vital to choose a good supportive bra for an active lifestyle, exercising or sports, or you can put a strain on y our breast tissue and face long-term consequences. However, you should also choose a good supportive bra for use on a daily basis; both to make you more comfortable, and to help protect your breasts.

Why You Need Good Support
It’s absolutely vital to wear a bra that provides good support. Without proper support, your breasts can sag or droop, which causes long-term strain on the breast tissue and can cause your breasts to develop a permanent sag or droop. Additionally, without proper support, breast tissue can cause headaches, back problems, neck strain and poor ligament. Your health depends on wearing a bra that provides good support, and luckily this goes hand-in-hand with learning how to choose a comfortable bra.

Find the Right Fit and Size
Fit and size are vitally important for finding a supportive bra. Bras that are too small or too big simply won’t provide ample support, so check out our articles on Size and Fit to make sure your bras fit properly.

Choosing a Bra for Smaller Busts
Smaller busts benefit from half-cup bras. Both smaller and larger busts can find supportive attractive bras in the balcony style. These bra designs provide ample support, and give the breasts flattering lift and shape. The Fantasie of England Seamless Moulded Balcony Bra is a popular balcony bra that provides a nice shape and lift. Keep in mind that women with smaller busts still need proper support during sports, workouts or other active pursuits, so it’s important to select a good sports bra, too.

How to Choose a Full Figure Bra
Full-figured women with large busts are at the highest risk for health problems if they don’t wear the proper bra, so it’s especially important for these people to learn how to choose a full figure bra that provides good support. For large busts, a full-coverage bra is best, because the full cups help shape and support the breasts. Look for wide, comfortable shoulder and back straps to provide the best support. Narrow straps can dig into the shoulders, and may not provide ample support for large busts. Underwires also help provide support, and a well-fitted underwire bra, such as the Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bra, is great for support and comfort.

How to Choose a Bra with Good Support for an Active Lifestyle
Shock Absorber Level 4 Run Sports Bra B5044Sports bras are designed to hold the bust firmly in place during exercise, which is vital to prevent long-term damage to the breast tissue. A sports bra should have good, supportive straps and cups that stay in place even during high-intensity exercise. Sports bras made of moisture-wicking material help cut down on sweat-related fit issues and provide maximum comfort during an intense workout.

Recommended Sports Bras
These sports bras offer the best support for larger women. The Enell sports bra with back support. Freya Active sports bra (in both underwire and no-wire versions). Shock Absorber Level 4 sports bras.


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