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How to Care for Your Swimsuit

With Spring Break here for the college students, and summer just around the corner for the rest of us – now is the time when many of us are looking for that killer new swimwear for the upcoming swim season. But when you drop a lot of cash on a swimsuit, you don’t want it to wear out, fade, get moldy or otherwise become un-wearable before its time! So how do you take care of a swimsuit to make it last longer and wear gently? Here’s what you need to know:

Rinse and Wash Your Swimwear (Gently!) After Every Use
Chlorine, saltwater and other pool and hot-tub chemicals can wreak havoc on your favorite swimsuit. Rinse your swimsuit with cold water after every use to help remove these caustic chemicals. For better results, hand-wash your swimwear with gentle soap (if it’s swimsuit-specific, even better!) in cold or luke warm water. Anything you can do to remove the chemicals after exposure to the pool, ocean, or even your suntan oil, will help extend the life of your swimsuit.

Never Leave a Wet Swimsuit Lying Around
For some of us, it may sound like common sense, but never leave a wet swimsuit lying around! If you have to take a swimsuit off and carry it home in a bag, wring it out as much as possible before you put it away. If you can let it air dry before throwing it in a bag, even better! If you don’t have time to let it dry, make sure you take it out as soon as possible. Wash it, if you can, or if you don’t have time for a wash, at least hang it to air dry. Wet swimsuits don’t take long to start stinking, and if you leave them wrapped up in a towel for a few days, they can get moldy. You won’t want to wear that the next time you go for a swim!

Look Out for Rough Surfaces
Surfaces around pools are intentionally rough to provide you with better traction when you’re wet. Unfortunately, these rough surfaces can catch at your swimsuit and cause it to pill, run or tear. Be careful where you sit or lean – take an extra moment to spread out a towel and you’ll preserve the life of your swimsuit.

Don’t Put Your Swimwear in a Clothes Dryer!
Never put your swimwear in a clothes dryer! The heat is bad for the types of materials with which most swimsuits are made. A clothes dryer can cause everything from shrinking to melting, and can ruin a swimsuit in a single use. Lay your swimsuit flat to dry, or if you need to speed up the process, hang it in front of a fan or in the sun to help it dry faster. If you dry it in the sun too often, though, the colors can fade, so try to dry it in a well-ventilated, shaded area when possible.

Start with High-Quality Swimwear and it’ll Last Longer
Cheap swimsuits are more likely to fade, stretch or pill with regular use. Start with high-quality swimwear, and it’ll last longer. Higher-quality fabrics and dies resist fading and stretching, and if you’re careful with your swimsuit, it’ll last you the season – and maybe the next few seasons, too!

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