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How to Care for Your Bra

Ladies, bra care if something we’ve discussed here before at Big Girls’ Bras, but it’s something that warrants attention to help you get the longest possible life for your bras. What’s the proper way to care for your bras to ensure they retain their shape, stretch as little as possible and stay in your wardrobe for more than a few months? Here are the most useful bra care tips to help you care for your bra and get the longest possible life out of your bra wardrobe:

Fit Your Bra Properly
Bras stretch. It’s a fact of life, and it’s the number one reason that women have to permanently retire bras from their wardrobe – they get too stretched out (and worn out!) to be useful anymore. Eveden Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe shared a fit tip with us: when you buy a new bra, it should fit properly on the loosest setting – not the middle setting, as you’ll sometimes see advised elsewhere. When a bra fits properly on the loosest setting, as the bra stretches, you’ve got two settings to tighten it and prolong the life of your bra.

Hand-Wash Your Bras
Most mid-range and high-end bras have care instructions advising you to hand wash bras, but this is a good idea for all bras. The stress that your bra undergoes during the wash process can cause your bra to wear prematurely, break underwires, warp boning, stress seams and pose a problem for lace. Hand wash all of your bras to get the longest life. If you must put bras in the washer, make sure the hook-and-eyes are closed – don’t leave the bra loose. If the hook-and-eyes aren’t closed, the bra hooks can get caught in the fabric of your bra, other clothes or lace from your bra and cause damage to the hook-and-eye and whatever it catches.

Let Bras Air Dry
As hard as the washer is on your bras, the dryer is worse. Without the shielding effect of a washer full of water, your bra undergoes more stress in dryer tumbling and boning can loosen or poke out, underwires can break, straps can get mangled and the hook-and-eyes can run amok and take out one or several pieces of your wardrobe. Try to schedule your laundry so that your bras always have time to air dry. You’ll drastically extend the life of your bras if you never throw them in the dryer.

Rotate Your Bras Regularly
Over-use is a huge problem for bras in your everyday wardrobe. Try to maintain enough bras in your wardrobe that you can rotate your bras regularly – daily is ideal. If you don’t get sweaty, you don’t have to wash your bras every day, but switch them up so the same bra isn’t getting stretched day-in-day-out. Many women only have two or three bras in their daily rotation, but with that much wear, they get worn out quickly. If you have five to seven good bras in your wardrobe that you can wear on a daily basis, you can drastically extend the life of your bras.

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