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How to Avoid Uncomfortable Bras

One of the things that many women complain about is the comfort level of their bras. While it’s considered socially-acceptable to wear a bra in public, many women take off the bras when they get home and put on a more comfortable sport or leisure bra, or just go bra-less around the house. If you’re one of the women who has comfort problems with your bra, you’re not alone – but you don’t have to suffer. With a little bit of info about how to avoid uncomfortable bras, you can find bras comfortable enough to wear all day long! No more coming home and taking it off; feel comfortable and supported.

What Makes a Bra Uncomfortable?
Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re always talking about how many women wear the wrong bra size. That’s because it’s extremely important to wear the right size! It’s good from a support standpoint, but it’s also a huge contributor to the comfort level of your bra. If you’re wearing the wrong bra size, it won’t be as comfortable. You may develop pressure points where the bra digs into you, there may not be room for your breasts in the cups, or you may not be getting the support you need.

Check out our fit guide and sizing guidelines to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. This can make a huge difference in your comfort level.

Other things that contribute to a bra being uncomfortable are boning or wires that dig into the skin, seams in awkward places that dig into the skin, and bra straps that dig into the skin. Every woman’s body is different, so you’ve got to go with what works for you. Here are a few generalizations that might help you avoid these problems:

If your straps dig into your shoulders uncomfortably:
Make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. If the band size is too large and the cup size is too small, the straps are going to bear the weight of your bust and may dig into your shoulders. With a properly sized bra, the bra band and the cups are designed to bear most of the weight of your bust. This will reduce strain on your shoulders.

Additionally, you may just be wearing a bra design that doesn’t work for you. Experiment with different bras that provide more support through the body of the bra. Look for different types of straps, including wider straps or padded straps. These minor changes can make a huge difference.

Boning or Wires that Dig Into You:
Again, the first thing to check is fit. If your bra isn’t properly fitted, boning, stays or underwires can dig into you. Check out our fit and sizing guidelines to see if you’re wearing the right bra size.

Some bra design features can help minimize this digging in. Look for coated or capped underwires or boning; most designers will mention this. This makes the edges softer and less prone to painful digging. Capped boning can prevent the boning or stays from poking out through the bra and digging into your skin.

Finally, fuller-figured women should be selective about the bra styles they wear. Things like vertical boning or stays in a bra may dig into the skin uncomfortably because many full-figured women are softer and carry extra curves in this area. This different body shape means that not all bra styles are well-suited, and women who have this trouble should avoid vertical boning.

These are just a few of our tips. Join us tomorrow as we look at how to find comfortable bras: the flip-side of the coin!

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