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How Sports Bras Work

Sports bras are a must-have for any woman who wants to be comfortable and supported while working out, playing sports, enjoying an active lifestyle or even just running errands and doing every-day tasks. The right sports bra will give you the support you need; especially when you match the sports bra to the activity you’re doing. Many women prefer sports bras to regular bras for running errands and hanging out around the house because they’re so comfortable. But why is this? How do sports bras work, and what do you need to know when you’re shopping for one? Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got the know-how to give you the real scoop on sports bras so you can make the most of whatever sports bra you wear.

Less Focus on Shape, More Focus on Support

Regular bras are great for normal, every-day activities. If you want a bra to give you a flattering shape under your work clothes, or to look great under a t-shirt, the key is to finding the right bra for the outfit and your bust type. But for sports bras, there’s less emphasis on shaping, and more emphasis on support. Many sports bras actually compress the bust in order to help hold it in place while you’re active. This gives you the “uni-boob” look, but the breasts are less likely to bounce around when they’re tightly compressed. This is why many sports bras have this type of shaping for more active styles.

Less active styles, popular in low-impact activities such as yoga, walking, or just for every-day wear, typically provide a bit more shaping, or simply provide the comfort of soft cloth without a lot of seams, panels or uncomfortable straps. Many women perceive this as more comfortable than regular bras, and prefer to wear them on the weekends or after work, when they don’t need the shaping of a more structured bra under work clothes. (This is a false perception, by the way, ladies – if your bra is properly fitted and is a design that’s good for your preferences, it can be just as comfortable as a sports bra!)

Sports Bras Offer Different Levels of Support
Depending on how you want to use your sports bra, you may need a different level of support. Some soft cloth sports bras without much structure are fine for every-day activities or low-impact workouts, but aren’t great for things like running or jogging that require more support. If you’re interested in doing more active things in your sports bra, look for more structured bras that provide better binding and support for your bust. If you use a low-impact sports bra while you’re doing a high-impact activity, you may experience bounce and uncomfortable strain that makes it difficult or impossible to work out.

Something like the Enell Sports Bra or Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top is perfect for high-impact activities because of the additional structure and binding properties of the bras. These bras feature things like multi-section cups and specially designed support slings to provide you with maximum support and minimal bounce. Something like the Leading Lady Cotton and Spandex Seamless Soft Cup bra is a more comfort-oriented sports bra, that provides soft cups and a cotton fabric but lack the support for more active lifestyles.

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