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How Often to Replace Bras

Goddess Underwire 6080The question of how often to replace bras is important. When you’ve worn a bra for too long, it can lose its shape and fit and may not provide adequate support. Bras can stretch over time, underwires can break and the material of your bra may eventually become worn. How often should bras be replaced? That depends on how you use and care for your bra.

How Much Time Do You Spend in Your Bra?

How much time you spend wearing your bra is a big factor in how often you should replace your bras. If you only wear your bra for a few hours each day, and alternate it with several other bras in your wardrobe, you can keep the same bras for a long time. On the other hand, if you wear your bras for 16 hours per day, and wear the same bra several days in a row until you wash it, you’ll wear your bra out faster than if you alternate with several bras within your wardrobe.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your bras, keep several and alternate them frequently to reduce wear. You might also change into different bras after work to reduce wear on both your work and non-work bras, and to enjoy different fits and designs so you’re not wearing the same bra all day. If you keep many bras in your wardrobe and alternate between them to reduce wear, your bras can last for years.

How Do You Wash Your Bra?

How you wash and care for your bra also plays a role in how frequently bras should be replaced. Most bras have the instructions to hand wash them, and hand washing definitely provides a longer life span for your bras. When you put your bras in the washer and dryer, even on delicate cycles, the material in your bra is stretched and worn over time. Additionally, the cycles and detergent that most people use in the washer and dryer is extremely hard on a bra, and can wear it prematurely. To extend your bra’s lifespan, hand-wash it every time – either in the sink, or in the shower with you.

How Often to Replace a Bra

In the question of how often to replace underwear, Oprah herself has an opinion; everyone has their own ideas of how often to replace a bra. Don’t let yourself be swayed by what manufacturers and salespeople say about their products, and don’t let yourself be placed on an artificial replacement schedule based on what people tell you. The specifics of how often you should replace a bra depend on how you wear and care for your bra.

Do you notice that your bra is stretching, sagging and not providing ample support after only 6 months? Don’t wait to replace it, even if the salesperson told you the bra would last for years – it obviously didn’t. Wearing bras that need to be replaced can cause discomfort and can present health risks, if the bras don’t provide ample support. Bottom line: replace bras when they need to be replaced.


When you select your replacement, look for quality over quantity. You may pay a little extra per bra, but with proper care you should be able to get a lot more wear.

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