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How Do You Deal with the Challenges of Being Full-Busted?

Full-busted women face a lot of challenges in their daily lives. From exercising to just finding clothes that fit properly, having a large bust size creates a lot of logistical headaches. We’ve got a few tips for dealing with those large cup sizes, but we’d love to hear your tricks, too! How do you deal with the challenges of being full-busted?

Working Out with Large Breasts
Guys may enjoy the show, but any woman who has large breasts will tell you that exercise can be downright painful! Whether you’re running, working out on the elliptical, climbing a stair machine or even just lifting weights, large breasts can get in your way when you’re trying to exercise, and they can also move around and cause pain from bouncing or side-to-side motion. Full-busted women can end up with chest pain from stress on the breast tissue, back and shoulder pain from the weight distribution in poorly-designed bras, and even neck pain and headaches from muscle tension.

The right sports bra can go a long way toward mitigating these issues. A good sport bra for a woman with large breasts will incorporate encapsulation style, not just compression; the best sports bras to keep your girls in place offer a combination of both technologies.

A great all-around sports bra for large-busted women is the Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra 8040. This sports bra is designed to offer lift and separation, but will still hold you in place while you move. It’s got a minimal-bounce design without compressing the breast tissue, and it’s comfortable and breathable, too!

One of the best high-impact sports bras for women with large breasts is the Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490. If you need maximum bounce resistance, this is your bra. This bra is a combination encapsulation and compression style sports bra, with an inner support sling to help hold you in place and offer some shaping. This is the best sports bra option for large-busted women who want to do high-impact exercise like running, kickboxing and high-bounce aerobic exercise.

Finding Clothes that Fit Large Breasts
Finding a wardrobe when you’ve got large breasts can be another unique challenge. Full-busted women often have trouble finding a shirt that is large enough in the chest without being too large everywhere else. If it fits properly in the shoulders and waist, it’s typically too small in the chest. If you find one that fits the chest, you may be swimming in it elsewhere!

One thing that can help is a minimizer bra. If you have trouble finding tops or dresses that fit properly, a minimizer can help reduce your proportions so you can find clothes that fit all over – not just here or there.

The Dominique Seamless Underwire Minimizer Bra 7000 is one good option for women who have trouble finding clothes that fit. This great minimizer is a full coverage bra with soft, smooth seamless cups that vanish under t-shirts and form-fitted tops. This bra is designed to minimize your size, not your shape – still giving you a flattering silhouette while helping to tame your proportions.

We’ve got some other great minimizer bras, too, so find one that fits your style!

What are your favorite tips, full-busted ladies? Have a favorite bra or wardrobe item? Help a girl out and share your secrets!

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