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How Do You Choose a Swimsuit?

Everybody has their own system and criteria for selecting important pieces of attire, and swimwear is no different! With swim season just around the corner for most of the country, kicking off on the traditional Memorial Day Weekend, we here at Big Girls’ Bras wanted to take a look at the most common methods for selecting swimwear. Is this how you shop for swimwear? We’d love to hear from you!

Brand Loyalty
Many women find a brand of swimwear that they like and stick with it! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we carry a huge range of the hottest swimwear, including Swim Systems, Sunsets Separates, Aerin Rose, Tara Grinna, MagicSuit, Miracle Suit, Anita, Fantasie, Freya – you love it, we’ve got it! Women often find and stick with a brand for one of a few main reasons: because it fits well, because it offers features they like or because they’re happy with the quality of the piece. Are you a woman who’s loyal to her favorite designer? If so, which is your favorite?

We all want to look great in our swimsuits, and when we find a color that works for us, we rock it! Do you select your swimsuit by color? Want a nice, elegant black swimsuit that smooths and elongates? Or do you love a colorful print that pops when you’re poolside? Certain colors also work well with skin tones or hair colors; many blonde women, for example, love to rock a yellow bikini, while someone with dark hair may prefer a bright solid, like a red or blue swimsuit. And then, of course, there’s a question of what’s popular this season! Do you shop for swimwear by color? What color do you look for?

Style and Cut
Style and cut is a huge factor in swimwear. Some women find a style or cut that looks for them, and only buy swimsuits in that style. While others love to experiment with different styles and cuts to create their own unique looks, find out what looks best or even have different styles and cuts for different occasions! Do you love a bikini? Halter-style, triangle style or bandeau style? Do you love a bottom that’s barely there, or something that provides a bit more coverage for your derriere? What about one pieces? We’d love to hear what you rock, and why!

Fit and Size Availability
More and more women are shopping for swimwear online as they look for pieces that work for their size. Full-busted women often have trouble finding swimwear in the store that goes above a D cup, so some women just look for any swimsuit that fits in their cup size. Full-figured women have a similar problem; they may shop for swimsuit based on size availability and not be particularly picky about cut, color or anything else so long as it fits. Are you someone who shops by size and doesn’t care as much about the rest, as long as it fits and looks good?

We’d love to hear from you, ladies – tell us why you choose the swimwear you do, and what your most important criteria is when you shop!

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