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How a Bra Makeover can Change Your Life!


Everyone loves a good makeover show, and there’s no doubt that a change in look can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Makeovers help you feel more confident, and unlock the potential that you haven’t dared to tap into! Most of us never have the opportunity to undergo anything so dramatic, but there *is* a makeover that you can give yourself – a bra makeover! And just like any other makeover, a bra makeover can change your life!

Look Slimmer
One of the biggest benefits of a bra makeover – that most women never think of, or we’d all rush out to do it immediately – is to look slimmer! Professionals estimate that up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, and it can have huge consequences on the way you look. When your breasts aren’t supported properly, your body can appear to be out-of-proportion. Transform yourself with a bra makeover, and you can look slimmer without having to lose any weight or resort to diet pills or other extreme measures! Depending on your body type, you may look 5 to 10 pounds slimmer just by changing your bra. Who wouldn’t love an instant tummy-tuck?

Enjoy a Flattering Silhouette
In addition to looking slimmer, a bra makeover can change the way your clothes fit, giving you a beautiful and flattering silhouette. When you’re wearing the wrong bra size, your breasts often suffer for it – sagging or appearing shapeless, and hanging lower than they ought to. When you give yourself a bra makeover, the right bra in the right size can lift your breasts, give your bust a beautiful, rounded shape and change the way your clothes hang on your body! With your boobs in their proper place, your shirts are more likely to skim over your stomach and create natural curves. You’ll love the way you look – and your clothes fit – in the right bra!

Reap the Medical Benefits of Good Bra Fit
A bra makeover isn’t all about vanity. You can actually gain medical benefits from a bra makeover. If you’ve got a full bust, you know how uncomfortable life can be. Bras often feel tight, or pinch, or have straps that dig into your shoulders. Alternately, you may experience shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain or headaches because of the weight of your bust. When you wear a properly fitted, supportive bra – those pain points are eliminated! A bra makeover can make your pain and discomfort vanish completely, as well as make it easier to breathe and lead an active lifestyle.

How to Give Yourself a Bra Makeover
The two biggest issues with women’s bras are bra fit, and wearing the wrong type of bra for your body. Fit is the most critical issue. It’s absolutely essential to fit yourself properly for a bra – don’t just keep blindly buying a certain bra size because it’s what you’ve always bought! Visit our bra fit pages for everything you need to know about finding the right fit.

The other issue is matching the right type of bra to your body. Fortunately, we’ve got pages on our site devoted to helping you pick the right bra. Check out:

Or give us a call or drop us a line on Facebook for help finding the right bra for you.

Treat yourself – you deserve it! Give yourself a bra makeover and experience for yourself how your makeover can change your life!

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