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Holiday Shopping Tips with Big Girls’ Bras 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Have you been following our 12 Days of Christmas Sale, ladies? If you have, you know we’ve had some stellar deals over the weekend, and today’s Day 9 boasts some of the most dramatic savings we’ve had yet! With discounts on four of our most popular designers: Aviana, Anita, Sunsets and Tara Grinna; free shipping, 12% off your order and the possibility of receiving a $25 gift card, Day 9 really lays on the Christmas savings! We here at Big Girls’ Bras hope you’re making the most of these great deals, and we want to offer you a few tips to help you get even more savings!

Check for Your Favorite Brands
While we’re offering special deep discounts on one or more brands every day, we’ve also got some other great sales happening on our site. Don’t despair just because you haven’t seen your favorite brand! Check back daily to see if your favorite brands are featured in our 12 Days of Christmas Sale. And even if they’re not on the holiday sale page, check out your favorite brand’s page to see if we’re offering any sales on them! We’ve got a ton of great sales going on right now besides the percent off specific brands, so take this opportunity to save on your favorite designers!

Don’t Be Afraid to Backorder
With the holiday sale, it’s possible that some of the great bras, panties, shapewear or swimsuits that you want aren’t in stock right now. Don’t be afraid to backorder; you may not get it in time for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal! If you’re buying for yourself, unless you need it for a special occasion or upcoming trip, backorder doesn’t really cost you anything – and with the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, it can save you a bundle! And if you’re buying a gift, you can always print out a picture of the gift to give to your recipient on the day, or even wrap up an old bra with a note like “Picture your new bra from Big Girls’ Bras here, because it’s coming!”

Send Your Special Someone on a Shopping Spree
Guys – we know you’re nervous about buying her the wrong thing, but you still want to get her something special. Why not send her on a shopping spree? Instead of asking her to come to Big Girls’ Bras to pick out her favorite item as a gift, tell her she’s getting an $X shopping spree and to go crazy at the site! You can have her add the items she wants to her cart and then put in your payment info, or have her send you the links to the items she wants up to the dollar amount you specify. Sending her on a shopping spree is a great way to take advantage of our fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Sale, and it’s also a fun way to let her pick out her own presents without making it feel contrived or boring!

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