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What NOT to Hide in Your Bra


Do you use your bra as a pocket or purse from time to time? Do you stash stuff in there now and again (or all the time!) when you’re out clubbing, or running, or otherwise out and about without a bag to carry your goods? A story from Florida has drawn a lot of attention for the things that women will stash in their bras – so today, we’re going to take a look at what NOT to hide in your bra!

Not a Good Idea to Carry Food in Your Bra
This is another one that seems crazy to me – some women actually carry food in their bras! Yes, this is a real thing! Usually it’s something self-contained and pre-packaged, like a piece of candy or something like an individually-packaged cookie or snack bar. Even so, warmth from your body can melt foods – it’s just not a good idea to hide them in a bra because you risk the food running all over the bra and staining it! (Not to mention, most foods are at least somewhat solid… you’ll ruin the look of your bra with a blocky granola bar or something poking out of it!)

Beware of Carrying Makeup in Your Bra
Some women who use their bras as a purse like to carry makeup for a touch-up during that night clubbing or dancing. This is a BAD IDEA! Some makeup can be damaged from the heat of your body, and could melt while it’s in your bra. In other cases, the makeup could become dislodged and leak – one woman reports a story of lipstick “leaking all over like something out of a horror film.” The last thing you want is to be out getting your groove on, and have eyeliner running all over your top and ruining it, or to send random bits of makeup flying across the floor as you’re shimmying and shaking around!

Don’t Carry a Cell Phone in Your Bra
This is actually one of the more common things that women carry in their bras – the cell phone! Cell phones are reasonably small these days, and if you’ve got a nice rack, you might be able to stash a cell phone away without anyone noticing it’s stuck in your chest. The problem with sticking a cell phone in your bra is: sweat.

Most phones today have moisture sensors, and if the phone packs it in, the first thing the company will do is to check the moisture sensor to see if it’s been “submerged” in water. (For many of these sensors, it doesn’t take much moisture to trip them – sometimes even being in the bathroom when you’re showering and it’s humid can do the trick!) If you’re storing your phone in your bra, you may inadvertently trip the moisture sensor, and if the phone ever dies, the carrier or provider won’t honor the warranty – you’ll just have to flat out buy a new one!

Things that are “Safe” to Store in Your Bra
So with all these things you shouldn’t stash in your bra, what things do women normally stick in there that are “safe?” Some of the most common bra-stash items are:

  • Keys
  • Money
  • Grocery lists
  • Business cards
  • Tampons

What else? Do you use your bra as a purse? What do you stash in there – and have you had any misadventures after hiding things in your bra?

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