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Happy Veteran’s Day from Big Girls’ Bras!

If you haven’t already done anything for Veteran’s Day, take a moment to honor all of the men and women who have served our country. We wouldn’t be the great nation we are today, with the freedom we have to do everything from bickering over politics to wearing practically nothing at the beach, if it weren’t for the armed forces that have served, fought and died for our country. If you know a veteran, take a moment to thank him or her today. And if you know a veteran who’s a woman, why not buy her a bra to celebrate Veteran’s Day?

Women in the Armed Forces are Women, Too!
Yes, really – we’re not joking. Women who serve in the armed forces are still women! And no matter what you do for work, we’ve all got some basic needs – one of the foremost for many of us being the need for a good bra! In fact, women in the armed forces may need a good bra more than most of us, because the last thing they need is to be uncomfortable or distracted by an ill-fitting bra in the middle of an important mission!

If you get our awesome emails, you’ve already seen our featured bras to help your favorite women in the armed forces celebrate Veteran’s Day. But if you haven’t, these are a few of our favorite bras that we think would be just perfect for a Veteran’s Day gift for your favorite fighting gal!

Shock Absorber Sports Bra
Few women are as physically active as service women, so doesn’t it make sense that she should have a great sports bra? The Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490 is one of our favorite – it’ll keep her in firmly in place during even her most active days. Even better, it’s breathable, moisture-wicking and comfortable enough that it won’t irritate her skin after she’s been wearing it for way too many hours. Who else deserves a sports bra this fantastic? Make her life easier with this great option!

Leading Lady Leisure Bra
A leisure bra for a service person, you ask? We answer with a resounding: YES! Think about it – if she’s been on her feet all day, being physically active in a very demanding profession, who needs relaxation more than her? She needs something soft and comfortable, so she can just kick back and take it easy for a few hours before she has to return to her critical work. The fantastic Leading Lady Leisure Bra moves is super soft and comfortable, and it’s the perfect choice for some nice relaxing downtime in between mission-critical work.

Glamorise Active Support Bra 1005
Is she on a desk assignment for a while? Then a great everyday bra is the perfect Veteran’s Day gift! Something like the Glamorise Active Support Bra 1005 provides all-day support – even if she’s stuck late filing paperwork, or if she’s walking across base on some important errand. This bra is one of our most comfortable all-day bras – pamper her with a great everyday bra she’ll love to wear!

Whether you take our challenge and buy a veteran a bra – or not – remember to honor all of our veterans today. To any veterans who might be reading – thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do!

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