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Happy New Year from Big Girls’ Bras!

From all of us here at Big Girls’ Bras – Happy New Year! Hopefully, you had a great celebration and are off to making 2012 a fabulous year for you! Why not use this opportunity to clear out your wardrobe clutter and treat yourself to a few great pieces for 2012? These general rules can help you build a better wardrobe, and clear out the stuff you haven’t worn in years! Make 2012 a year to look and feel great with a fantastic closet full of great pieces you actually wear!

When was the Last Time You Wore It?
Take a look in your closet or dresser and ask yourself when was the last time you wore the clothes you find there. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn it within the past six months, it’s time to throw it out! There are a few exceptions to this rule; for example, it’s fine to keep one nice evening dress even if you haven’t worn it in the past six months (as long as it still fits!) and one nice interview or dressy business outfit, even if you haven’t worn it recently.

But the pieces from your “everyday” or “going out” wardrobe – if you’re not wearing them regularly, get rid of them! It doesn’t matter if they used to be your favorite, or you used to look so good in them – if you don’t wear them now, they shouldn’t stick around. And absolutely do NOT keep pieces that don’t fit you properly! Especially if you’ve “been meaning to lose a few pounds” forever and haven’t done it. Embrace your body and dress it to look the best you can! Don’t get stuck in the past and make yourself feel rotten because the things you wore then don’t look the same on you today.

Good Foundation Pieces are Key
The key to a really great wardrobe is to have a few high-quality, well-fitted foundation pieces. Be prepared to spend more on fantastic foundation pieces, as you can mix and match these to create great customized looks. For example, if you work in a formal business setting, invest in a couple of great skirts or pants and jackets. You can mix and match these, along with different dress shirts, base layers and jewelry, to form a variety of looks and keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.

The right bra can make you look thinner and feel great.

The same thing goes for the clothes you wear under your foundation pieces. You’re better off having three or four fantastic, well-fitted bras than six or eight mediocre bras that aren’t doing your body any favors. Well-fitted, comfortable bras can make you look thinner and feel fantastic, which will boost your confidence and help you look better no matter what you’re wearing on top. So now is the time to take a look at your bras, throw out the raggedy ones that don’t fit properly any more or are long past their useful life, and replace them with a few great foundation pieces. Make sure you’re wearing the correct size if you haven’t been fitted recently (or even if you have!) with our bra fit guidelines.

Make 2012 the year you revise your wardrobe to look and feel your best!

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