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Happy Memorial Day from Big Girls’ Bras!

Memorial Day is traditionally the first beach weekend of the year, and we’ve been focusing on helping you get ready for it. But it’s more than a beach weekend – Memorial Day is really about remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While you’re chilling out on the beach, don’t forget to think about the people who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe, and also think about the men and women who are serving today. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day, and our thoughts go out to the families who have lost men and women in service.

Check Out Local Observances
Ranging from somber services to festive parades, most cities and even small towns have local observances to help mark Memorial Day. Take a few minutes out of your day to check out your local observances and pay your respects. And remember – while some services may be somber, it doesn’t have to be a sad day! Just being present can show your support for your community and for the members of your community who have served; seeing you there is enough to show respect and let them know they’re appreciated.

Have small kids? Memorial Day parades are great for kids; they love the fun and the spectacle, and it’s a great family-friendly event. Even military services can be fun for kids to watch; they’re often impressed by the drills and the military precision, and the seriousness of the ceremony can instill a sense of awe that makes the event seem even more impressive. And of course, you could always follow it with a trip to the park or the beach and make it a fun, all-day outing!

Host a Themed Cookout
Barbecue and cooking out are other popular pastimes for Memorial Day weekend; if you want to light up your grill for the first time in the season, and still observe Memorial Day, you could host a themed cookout! Patriotic cups, napkins and plates are easy to find around this time of year, or you could even go a step further and make patriotic dishes, like flag-themed or star-studded desserts! And then of course there are American classics, like hot dogs and barbecue chicken – just enjoying classic American-themed dishes can be a form of celebration.

Leave the Politics at Home
To make the most of your Memorial Day, leave the politics at home. Whether or not you agree with the causes in which the military has taken action, the sacrifice of the men and women in the military that we’re meant to commemorate on this day were made in the name of our country, and of freedom. It’s those lives we’re meant to celebrate and commemorate on this day – and all of the people who have died serving our country have been serving us all. Whether or not you agree with the underlying issues, respect the purpose behind the day and take a moment to think about those who have laid down their lives.

From all of us here at Big Girls’ Bras, thank you to the men and women who have served, and who still serve today!

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